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Mister Eclectic

Only Tuesday

Feels later. Good sleep last night, probably dozed off at 11:30. Woke up at 6, figured that was enough sleep, so I filled the big pot I usually use for chicken soup, filled it with water, added some salt, waited 20 minutes for it to boil, plopped in the two crabs, waited another 15 minutes for it to boil again, then cooked them for 20 minutes.

Took them out, put them in the sink, ran cold water on them, cleaned them and shoved the smaller one into a quart freezer bag, and put it in the freezer, and it took two quart bags for the big one, and those went into the fridge for later today.

Spook was chasing around the house, jumping onto each window ledge, obviously following something. I looked out the front window and the neighbor's elderly and extremely stupid dog was wandering in the middle of the street. Not much danger, there's no traffic at 6 am. When Spook came to the office window, I pulled up the blinds (I keep them half raised so she can sit up on the sill) and the puller gear popped out, cracking the base.

I tried to unscrew the side mounts, but the screws were not lined up with the holes, so no go. Just by poking around, I discovered that the blinds are dead easy to swap out (I had been thinking I would need to hire someone). It's just two little sliders, one on each side, which hold the unit in place, slide those off and pull the thing straight out.

Had crab for lunch. Spook accepted three or four offerings before getting bored and moving elsewhere.

After lunch I drove to Home Depot with the broken blinds, showed them to the man, he measured them at 45", and he showed me replacements. I took a guess that it would be another inch of mounting hardware so the window is 46" wide, and bought a 46x64 set.

I was already most of the way to downtown, so I went to Starbucks with the laptop, and my oh my there were some beautiful women in there today! I did manage to do some actual work, job hunting, but also thought I knew enough Python to write a printer test program. It took about 20 tries, but with the help of online examples, I got it done. A printer test program writes all the printable characters in a continuous line, continuously. I didn't get fancy and insert CRLF every 80 or 132 characters, but it would have been easy to do.

Home after about 3 hours.

Could not figure out how to unleash the blinds, but I saw that each of the three cords was tied to the top both front & back, and the front ones were cinched with a tiny lead piece. Looks like I need to cut that off, I said to myself, so I did.

Mounted the unit in the window, slid the sliders in place, yanked on the release cords, and all the slats fell to the bottom. :-(

Turns out the little lead things absolutely are needed. And the issue with not being able to unleash the blinds is the gear was stiff.

Lowe's is closer, so I went there with the box from HD, asked the Man to find me a replacement , and he found a 46x64, which I bought and took home. But the box looked too big and the blinds were way heavy. Opened the box and these were 2" blinds, and I needed 1". So I took them back and got a set of 1" 45x64 this time because the HD blinds were a very tight fit, I figured an inch less would be good.

Put those up, and no, 45" just barely stays up there. Too short. If I pull on the cord, the whole mess will come down.

I was done for the day with that.

Had lasagna for dinner. Apple, walnuts & honey for dessert.

Got a reply back from Boss, he is also not finding any job prospects, neither is his boss. It's pretty grim. The job market has not been this bad since 9/11. A friend who just completed her master's degree just got hired - as an admin.

Channel surfed to America's Got Talent and they had some good acts. They ended with a golden buzzer for a total sob story. A very pretty 16-year-old girl who is a recent ovarian cancer survivor, and she sang Fight Song in a very bird-like voice. It fit the number perfectly, and it is clear that no matter who Wins It All, Simon is going to make her a star. For me the best moment was when a woman who had a lot of personality during the intros dragged out a BORING song, and was about the be buzzered when Simon stopped her, and asked if she had another song she could do. And this is why he is such a good judge of talent - she launched into  Natural Woman and thrilled everyone, me included. Auditioning 101: sing something you're passionate about.

Snacking on grapes...

One of my Theatreworks friends who was the person inside the Slimer animatronic suit for Ghostbusters II and has been telling us she would like to be, but has not been invited to be in GB3. Today she announced that she is officially part of GB3, and could not tell us before because of an NDA. I am thrilled this has happened, she is one of the child actors I most enjoyed working with in the 80s.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Lowe's - get a 46x64 blinds set and install it
Print the El Capitan score
Python class
Go to sleep too late

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