Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly because it's sleepy and I'm getting late

Slept well, but woke up at 6 with a massive fear of dying. I have those from time to time, but it has been a while. They just happen with no apparent trigger.  Had to be up early anyway because the mobile home park was checking for water leaks, they told us they would start turning water off at 8 and expected to be done by 5. Took a shower at 7:45. I saw the guy shut off my water at about 9 (I can see the shutoff from my "office" window.)

Did all the morning things. Found one job to apply for. Received two rejection notices for jobs I applied for weeks ago.

10 am was at the manicure place. Lowe's after that to get the right width blinds, also picked up a pair of 100W equivalent LED bulbs to replace the dying twisty ones in the livingroom.

Home, replaced the bulbs, removed the too-short blinds and installed the new set. Had to tap one end in with a hammer, one of the mounting screws was at an angle (I left the original mounts in place). Spook helped. She bravely stood on the sill and shouted directions. I only almost hit her with the blinds once (they come down fast the first time the catch is un-caught).

Saw the guy turn my water on at about noon.

Lunch was fancy sheep and goat soft cheeses and crackers.

Checked in on all the online places, answered some family email, watched the latest Genealogy Roadshow, played the last half of a movie I had gotten for free on Amazon prime months ago which had more partial and impartial nudity than they allow these days.

Tried to take a nap, got distracted by stuff on the tablet.

Drove to Python class. Kept nodding off for no apparent reason. Should have taken the nap. Lots of PPT slides but not lots of new content. Learned that the python organization like to rename standard programming items with non-intuitive names. They call a list of name-value pairs a "dictionary".

Took a new route home which only uses 3 roads before reaching my neighborhood. Two if you count Fair Oaks as the continuance of Wolfe. Took about 20 minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Too cold at the beach for HMB, maybe go to Baylands or Shoreline.

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