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Mental Block

Fed up with being woken up by Indian recruiters, I finally looked up the phone's settings and made it block all calls from midnight to 9 am. It lets me designate "favorite" callers who will not be blocked. I tagged my sisters and Automation Guy who sometimes calls at 8:45 during his commute.

7:40 the phone rings, stops after a couple of seconds, then rings again. Damn! The blocker is not working. It was a late night, what with class, so I slept in till 10:30. Looked at my phone and it was Automation Guy, and he called at 8:40. Shows how not-awake I was.

I called him back after lunch, and we had a long chat. I now know enough Python to complain to him about it.

For lunch I microwave boiled the leftover macaroni from yesterday, then added shredded sharp cheddar from the little block I'd bought at Milk Pail. I should have drained the macaroni first - the cheese all dissolved into the water.

Next on the to-do list was a trip to Fedex to copy the book for El Capitan. 235 pages or so, the plan was to copy it onto 3-hole-punched paper. I have it on a USB drive, and expected to have to send it from a PC to a printer, but no, the same gadget which takes your credit card can also take a USB drive. But they refused to load 3-hole paper. WTF? Kinko's used to do that as SOP. Especially in a branch near a college, which this Fedex is. They almost offered to use their 3-hole press (I used to use one in Omak when I worked in a newspaper office which as also a print shop), but they said the only person who knows how to operate it wasn't coming in for 2 hours. Having run one, I get that. It's a dangerous machine if you haven't been trained. It took about 15 minutes for the printer to process the data, and another 15 to do the actual printing. I grabbed a 3-hole punch from one of the other work stations and punched about 5 pages at a time. It didn't take too long and the punch was pretty sharp, so it all came out okay. I bought a binder and a set of tab pages too.

There's a Starbucks nearby, but it was totally full, and there was a line. So I drove back to Sunnyvale and downtown, my usual underground lot. Checked out Philz to see what the big deal was (many of my theater friends rave about it) but they were almost out of edibles, and they also were completely full. No line, though. On to my usual Starbucks, which had plenty of seating, not much eye candy except my favorite showed up about half an hour later.

Was intending on doing homework, but got distracted by job openings. Found one which asked for minor automation skills, all about audio streaming, so I applied. A startup named Doppler, which probably will have to give up that name because it was a shifty name to choose for a hearing aid company, was another company whose ad showed up on my list, but the job wasn't a fit. However, they had a (rare these days) web page to just apply in general, so I did that.

By the time I left it was 6:30, and trains were unloading masses of people, who were not being considerate as they got int their cars and left the parking lot. Massive intersection blockage, which backed up traffic about a mile on the street my garage empties onto. So I hung around the plaza in the sun, people watching and capturing the occasional portal.

It only took 20 minutes.

Home, reheated a lamb chop with onions & mushrooms, added a side of corn on  the cob. Apples and honey with walnuts for dessert. Blueberry muffin for a late snack.

Amtrak emailed my monthly statement, I have 17,000 frequent traveler miles which is not enough to go anywhere.

But I've been thinking I ought to go to Yellowstone. They have some deals for that, out of SLC. I checked my calendar and was reminded that I have a jury duty summons for next week, and rehearsals until the end of July and class till the first week of August. I suppose I could book a trip for right after that, and cancel if I get a job first. Which I sure hope I do.

Automation guy said that our Dr. Jane who was laid off (stupidest move ever) is now director of a startup. I should look. Looked. Director of software engineering at a company she had listed on LinkedIn as Planet, which is probably Planet Labs, an imaging satellite company. Tres cool. 

Watched one PTI and one Graham Norton.

Did not do any homework.

Looked at the first piece in the opera, highlighted my part, and this is not going to be easy. Many notes way above my range. Lots of words.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do some reading.
Maybe go somewhere. Or see a movie.

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