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Don't Know It's Friday

Actually this week I did.

Set the alarm for the first time in a couple of weeks, just to help get my butt out of bed at a more work-like hour. Bad habits die hard.  Slept well, up twice to pee, less than normal.

BBC.com had a page with not just the results, but an interactive map where you could click and it would show the results of the exit EU vote by neighborhood. Gibraltar was on it. I had no idea that was still a voting part of the UK. They of course wanted to stay. So did all of Scotland, most of Northern Ireland, and the various small islands. My relatives over there are all massively in favor of staying, though the one whose job takes him around Europe (He was in Marseilles at vote time) was the least rabid of them. His neighborhood went for exit by about 5 points. Another cousin's neighborhood was about 68% for staying, and so was she - she has been very successful campaigning in Brussels for better treatment for people with "invisible" diseases, since she has one. In her case it's not so invisible, she needs a scooter to get around because her legs don't work. The invisible part is some days she is unable to get out of bed or do anything productive, and it's random. The UK has a crappy record with the disabled, and EU was helping set that right.

I wrote a python program to take the initials of all the EU countries and add "exit":
Some folks with more time on their hands made up individual exits for each country, like Polend, Czechout and Portugone.

IMHO the only thing we need to fear is the fearmongering media itself. I don't think this is any more of an issue than Puerto Rico voting to not become the 51st state, and there are a lot of parallels. Island, language, culture.

Took a tour of my gardens, need to take a leaf bag and go down the hedge row pulling out excess poppy plants and also bag the small pile of dead bee's friend vines. I was hoping to cover them with soil and wait for compost to happen, but sooner or later I want to have landscapers come in and remove the hedge and make that whole strip into a garden.

Lunch was reheated frozen rice and duck.

Did some laundry, including the leopard print sofa cover which had a layer of Spook. It came out fur-free, and as soon as I started to fit it back onto the sofa, Spook jumped up on it and made rude noises and tried to sink in her claws. Which I had trimmed in the past 24 hours.

Went out to Baylands, which was packed with company picnics. It's Friday. Put my camp chair in the shade and watched a cricket match. Is there only supposed to be one set of wickets?

I had the score for El Capitan on my tablet, and read through Act I. Expletive. Horrible. Long, super repetitive and a lot of the bass line is well above my range. Too late to back out now. :-(

Lunch wanted to escape out the back, luckily I was not too far from the restroom. I figured it was safe to leave my chair in place, but took along the tablet. On the way back I stopped at the car and SPF 50ed myself. The chair was still there, with the the wind chill factor I moved it out into the sun.

Also watched a very well behaved small quad copter, the 25mph gusts did not seem to affect it at all. Meanwhile, someone else was trying to fly a similar large one to mine, and it kept crashing. Like mine. Hmmmm.

Home about 4:30, did some more quad copter research and found the reviews for the one I have were "it flies like a boat" and "needs a flat platform and complete calm" and also found a smaller model by the same company which got the opposite kind of reviews. And it was much less expensive. So I ordered one.

Phone alarm reminded me at 5 to go online and check the jury duty call page. They are calling one group at 10 another at 11, and all the rest they want to check the page again between 11 and noon. Boo, hiss. I'm in the last group, you would think with how far in advance jury trials are scheduled they would be able to tell me right now if my group will be needed next week.

Well, at least I have the weekend.

The lens sold for much less than the buy it now price, but $28 more than the starting price. That's an artifact of eBay changing their rules and requiring the buy it now price to be 30% more than the starting price. I boxed it up and will bring it to the PO tomorrow.

Dinner was portabella beef & broccoli from Lean Cuisine. I caught up on PTI and NASA's Unexplained Files and was still hungry after a popsicle dessert, so made some popcorn. Had another popsicle. And some beef jerky. And finished the grapes. Also broke out a jar of all-natural PNB and stirred it until it was
edible. Put it in the fridge for later. It's been too long since I've had any, and there are still apples in the hanging basket.

In honor of the unplanned restroom break, I made some ginger ale, complete with fresh slices of ginger.

Plans for tomorrow:
More opera perusal

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