Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff Got Done.

Slept soundly, so did Spook in her bedroom cat bed between the hampers and the laundry basket. In fact, when my alarm went off at 7:30 and I turned it off and went back to sleep, so did she.

Yesterday after I put the sofa cover back in place, I left her a new toy, a small red stuffed lobster about the size of a toy mouse. It was gone by the time I went to bed, and I was surprised to find her playing with it on the bedroom window sill. She loves carrying those things around in her mouth.

Got to the PO at about 10 to drop off the eBay item. I was the only customer in the place. The PO is on the same street, about 1/4 mile down the road from the SMART station. I left the quadcopter and its controller in the misc. electronics recycle bin, and the batteries for it along with some drained Duracells and a bunch of light bulbs were taken care of by the attendant. Then I backed the car up to the compost pile and filled a big black plastic bag, and pulled up to the mulch pile and filled a Fry's shopping bag. The mulch is mostly wood chips from lumber (as opposed to tree branches, which would have been better).

Home, pulled out some dead plants from the carport garden, pulled out the four Thai basil plants which were too far above ground. Dumped the mulch in that patch, and then the compost on top of it. Watered it, set the basil plants in the shade. Tomorrow I will decide whether to re-plant the basil or plant something else there. Only one of the 4 had roots growing through the bottom of the peat planter cup. I keep a couple of domestic basil plants on the kitchen table, they come in handy.

Checked the tomatoes, many many tiny fruits but none of them ripening. :-(

Spent some time online, had lox, pita and hummus for lunch. Popsicle chaser.

I think it was about 2 pm, and 86° when I took a pair of big black trash bags outside. First, though, I emptied the dead plants from three formerly hanging baskets into it. Then all the dead plants I'd pulled from the carport garden. And some dead rosemary branches. Tied that off and put it in the trash bin. Next for the tough project, cruised the front of the house, snipping the dead branches from all the poppy plants and pulling out any plants which were not flowering. And a couple which were, because it's hard to tell what's attached to what. Like trying to decide which of the 30 legs is attached to the living spider. Also tossed into the bag a pile of dead bee's friends, and some of the hedge cuttings I missed a few months ago. The row in front of the hedge is now pretty thinly populated. I need to sweep the culvert. Was going to do that this evening, but then it got dark.

The only mail in the mailbox was addressed to someone who has never lived here.

In the park mail slot was the rent bill. Huge increase in electricity, a combination of the air conditioner and the car.

Finally remembered to turn off the furnace pilot light. Funny, when I told the guy who installed my thermostat that I turn off the pilot light in the summer, he was incredulous. As if the house needs the extra heat or higher gas bill.

Found a PBS special on the Amazon Fire called The Greeks. Beautiful 4K images. It needed subtitles, which PBS apparently doesn't provide for its streaming media. :-(

Dinner was Lean Cuisine orange chicken. There was sauce left over so I heated up some frozen rice, and added half a cup. Pineapple popsicle chaser. I need to renew my Costco membership if I want to stock up on the Mexican popsicles. Maybe. Walmart may have them, I should check. Because one side effect of Costco treating their employees right is their prices are no longer competitive, and the only reason for me to shop there is for the items no one else carries. And frankly, it's not worth putting up with the chaos for that.

Spent a couple of hours trying to write a python program, and got about 80% of the way there, but for some reason it is skipping every other line of input. It's something which will prove to be glaringly obvious once I figure it out. And there is still one more step to make it work as a class assignment for last week's lesson.

This afternoon's hanging plant exercise left me with one planter full of potting soil, so I watered it, poked some holes in the soil and used a longnose pliers to put one of the teeny tiny bee's friend seeds in each hole. About 10 or 12. Just to see. The bag of seeds I harvested has about 1,000 seeds in it, maybe more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay cool
Finish the python program and maybe do some of the official class assignments
Listen to the El Capitan music files
Maybe plant something
Maybe see a movie.
Maybe get a haircut. Maybe get them all cut.

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