Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday, Bloodless Sunday

I had several opportunities to cut myself today, but failed.

Have to do something about this staying in bed watching videos on the tablet till after 10. Bad habit, must break it.

Slept well again, I think having my Hgl under better control is the main factor. No idea where Spook spent the night, she wasn't on any of the webcams the two times I woke up to pee. She came into the bedroom and bathroom briefly as I was playing on the tablet.

Another warm day, and this has gone on so long that 76° feels too cold, so I've bumped up the thermostat to 78 for all day. It had been at 76 for the hours I was not at work.

Did my usual job hunt, nothing to be found.

Listed two more lenses on eBay.

Watched a couple of CFL games on Tivo. It was only supposed to be BC vs. Calgary, but some other game ran long and then into OT, so I watched that too. Did not finish the second game.

A friend emailed me at about 1:30 asking if I could make a DVD from a VHS for him, I emailed him back asking if he would be home today so I could pick up the cassette. And then I worked my day around the idea that this would happen. First stop was a haircut at the only Great Clips sort of in the right direction. He lives SSW of me, this took me SSE. There's also an Office Something, which has lower than Amazon prices on Canon inkjet ink. I also got some tabs for the score, and some ball point pens. The Thai word for a pen is "Ba-ka" which is as close as they come to pronouncing "Parker". That's not the brand I bought.

Next was the nearest Starbucks, due S on the far corner of San Thomas, which is the expressway his place is nearest to. Still no email, but a steady stream of petite women in very short shorts, some of them stuck around for a while. My table was right next to the pick-up station.l So to speak.

After doing my usual on line stuff, I brought up python and tackled the dictionary assignments, which I managed to cover in one program. Teacher's exercises are too granular. Each exercise is a snippet of something we covered, but the whole batch of assignments this time were easily taken on all in one swell foop.  I just kept adding exercise after exercise to the program. Now I have something which might actually be used in real life.

I kept checking email, but still nothing. El Capitan producer finally posted next week's rehearsal schedule. Monday, Wed and Thurs everyone is called, but I'm excused for Wed. We have the 4th of July off.

In other 4th news, when I put my flag back up, I installed a new pair of widgets which hold it in place on the pole, but theoretically allow it to spin around as the wind blows it. The wind is fierce on my block, we are, as the wind blows, a straight shot from the Bay, with only minor interference at ground level from walls and the freeway. The last couple of days I've had to untangle the flag because the top widget sticks. If I have time tomorrow, I'll take it down, flip the top widget so the spinner is on the bottom, and WD40 both of them. If that doesn't work, then no worries, I plan to take it down after the 4th. I may replace it with the somewhat lighter Coast & Geodetic Survey flag I pillaged from a NOAA warehouse I worked in as a summer job during college. They were throwing them away, boss let me take one.
This is the NOAA flag which replaced it:

Mine has a different symbol in the center:

But I digress.

Stayed at Starbucks till about 7, still no email. Drove down San Thomas (construction of new crossing electronics which had made a mess for about 9 months at the corner of El Camino was now complete) to Rivermark, which is very close to his place, on my agenda was to lose my Cold Stone virginity, which I did. My timing was excellent, I was the only customer when I walked in, but by the time I was halfway through my ice cream at an outdoor table, the place looked like a night club inside. Sounded like one too. Still no email. Final stop was Prolific Oven, bought some cream puffs and éclairs to go.

Home, with a detour to drop off the rent check. I prefer to do that after hours when nobody is in the office.  On my way there was a crowd gathered at one of the intersections, apparently one more home is being prepped to be sold, and maybe moved. There has been a lot of that lately.

The ice cream was almost enough for dinner, but I heated up a Lean Cuisine meatloaf & mashed to which I added minced garlic and margarine. Cut up a mango for dessert.

Watched more of the CFL game, and am impressed by a few things:
-They generally tackle faster and more decisively than the NFL
- 12 men on the field is too many, even for a wider field.
- Coaching sucks. I saw Edmonton lose a game which they would have won if they just had let the clock run for the final 7 seconds. For some stupid reason they called a time out, the other team tied the game with a second to go, and won in overtime. Goal line stands are always run up the middle into all 12 opposing players.
- Officials are hugely inconsistent. They are also more apt to call pass interference away from the primary receiver.
- Flags are neon red, not orange. Challenge flags are yellow.
- No cheerleaders in sight. They are kept behind a 5' high barrier, so their routines can only be seen by the fans.
- Quarterbacks are more prone to give up a safety to get out of lousy field position.
- If a kickoff goes into the end zone and is not returned, it gives the kicking team a point.
- They only get 3 downs to make a 1st down. 
- Unsportsmanlike conduct is called offensive conduct
- Most of the players are from the USA. Canadian QBs are especially rare.
- The announcers stick to relevant information. None of this "his sister was arrested for selling controlled substances" or "He was heartbroken when his favorite rapper didn't get a Grammy".

Caught up on FB. Half the world is at a parade for homosexuals. I'm done with the P word. It's been a generation, enough progress has been made that we can all chill about it. Parades are fun, keep having them, but your sexual preference is nothing to be proud of, any more than mine is. Which is not at all. I didn't choose it, they didn't choose theirs. It is what it is. Be happy that non-choice included not being born in Turkey or any of its closest neighbors.

I got too delayed by the eBay stuff to make it to the YOTB concert. Apparently I missed meeting John Phillip Sousa's grandson.

How about that, someone bought-it-now on one of my eBay listings. Hmm. Looks like they didn't add the shipping fee. Will have to look at the auction.

Plans for tomorrow:
Chill till 11, then check to see if I am called for jury duty
if not, find something to do
First opera rehearsal is at 7 pm

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