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Jury duty, rehearsals

Two firsts today. I checked the jury call sheet and was completely surprised that my group was called to Palo Alto. My group number was 603 out of 609. We should have been the last to be called. Apparently they are now randomizing.

I got there half an hour early. Right on time at 1 (I think, I had left my phone in the car because they said they weren't allowed in the courtroom) the admin started taking our documents and checking us in. Each of us got a sheet saying we had shown up, and we were in station 85.

After more than an hour they sent us to station 85, which is a courtroom. There were about 50 of us, at least. They swore us all in, then another admin took roll in alphabetical order. And then she called out names in random order to sit in the jury box. I was #6.

The judge had each of the 18 of us (12 in the jury box and 6 in the alternates row) answer about 25 questions, after explaining that this was a case of the nice young man in the defendant's seat saying he was not guilty of a pair of DUIs in which there were no injuries or damage. The last 6 were DUI-related.

He then explained the very few reasons one might claim a hardship to get out of jury duty, and called a break. He said for people who claimed hardship to get a form from the bailiff and be back in 10 minutes. The rest of us were told we might have time to get to Starbucks and back, but that meant a 3 block walk and another pass through the metal detector. Most of us went back to the holding area where we had checked in.

At about 3:30 we were called back in. The defense lawyer asked the potential jurors some questions about "innocent until proved guilty" and then sat down. The prosecuting attorney who is way cute, asked several individuals some questions which basically assumed that engineers were unable to make "reasonable doubt" decisions, and she led the group to show they would accept circumstantial evidence.

Then each of them was allowed to dismiss some jurors without cause. I was the last one, the defense ditched me. I wanted to be on a jury, but this case wasn't very exciting or relevant to me, so I was happy to not have to drive through horrible rush hour traffic be in Palo Alto at 9 am for the rest of the week.

I had changed into dress pants and shirt so as not to be in contempt, but it turned out to not be necessary. And neither was leaving the phone - they had free wi-fi for us, and there were actually desks with power outlets for people who brought laptops. I had to be content waiting with New Yorker magazines.

I'm off the hook for 2 years.

Home, there was just enough time to finish the python project I had been working on, heat up some pork buns and get to rehearsals. Lots of old friends, and at our second break the director told us to meet 3 people we did not know. I met two.

It was a pretty intense music rehearsal, but done with a sense of humor and it was clear that the room was filled with really great singers. And I was happy to be singing a couple of numbers which were to the tune of Sousa's El Capitan march. Except the baritone/bass part in the band arrangement is a heck of a lot easier than the bass line in the opera.

They also gave us a lot of info about the history of the show, and how they had stitched our score together from a very old one and a lot of research.

The bass line is a PIA to follow, because while all the other parts have the words below the music, the bass line is usually below the words. My eye keeps getting drawn to the tenor line.

The vocal director also recommended a MIDI player for Android, and we have MIDI files for each number. With MIDI you can isolate your line and also hear it with any combination of other lines.

Home at about 10:30, wound down with some more CFL, made an egg cream, and then boiled up macaroni & sliced hot dogs, added shredded cheddar and had an écliare and a chaser. Which was probably a mistake.

Email from a recruiter at NVidia saying a hiring manager wants to do a phone interview, maybe this week. I sent all my info and a new copy of my resume. Earlier in the day a freelance recruiter had emailed me for the third time trying to convince me to apply at Netgear for a Superman job. They wanted someone to do everything from writing the tests for devices to mentoring the other testers to monitoring the quality of components from suppliers to going to Taiwan and (hopefully in Mandarin) negotiating with the component manufacturers. I counted 4 full-time jobs in the job description. It also tried to make this 20-year-old, $1.3 Billion company look like a poor starving startup. I told him no thanks, again, but sent him my resume for his database.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do some more Python.
Highlight my El Capitan music and put the tab dividers in their respective locations
Meet L at Prolific Oven to schmooze and collect a VHS tape he wants to have DVDed.
Shopping. I am out of popsicles and running low on frozen dinners.
Maybe do laundry
Maybe do some evening gardening.

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