Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Mostly Good Day

The flag was all wrapped around the pole again, so I took it down, reversed the top swivel and sprayed both top and bottom swivels with silicone lube. It didn't make a difference. Next thing I'll try will be to lower the angle so the flag is more parallel to the ground. I'll have to check the protocols to see if that's allowed.

Though it was in the 80's on the thermometers, we had a cold breeze coming off the Bay, and it was breezy too, so I took the El Capitan score outside, sat on the porch and highlighted all my words & music. And found that I was not imagining it, there really are sections where the basses have the words below the music, but mostly it's above. And sometimes the transition is on the same page. Now that I have the music and words highlighted together, it should be easier to keep my eye on my part. It took a long time, we have a lot of singing to do, and sometimes it is nauseatingly repetitive. I also inserted tab pages for each number (the tabs are pre-numbered 1-35, There are "only" 16 pieces. I used 27 for 7B).

That done, I loaded the laptop into the car and went downtown. Hacked a bunch of portals, activated three neutral ones. Got two more awards (now have 5). Also got one yesterday when I hacked a couple of portals in Palo Alto.

Starbucks, as usual. Almost as soon as I logged into the laptop the phone rang, it was a recruiter I'd talked to on the 15th, telling me GoPro wants to interview me tomorrow. So the man will call me at 10 for a half-hour chat. I checked his LinkedIn profile, which has not been updated since 2011, when he was at Cisco, but what's there is an amazing list of camera and optics related work. He's trained as an astronomer. His masters is from Hawaii, which is a premier school for that. I would have a LOT to learn to do the job, but probably anyone they hired would also need a lot of training. We'll see. I still haven't heard when NVidia plans to call.

Home, watched what apparently is the final episode of Monica The Medium, which I hope they renew.

Then it was off to Rivermark, where localinactivist was waiting for me in the Prolific Oven. He bought us dinner, and gave me 4 VHS tapes to make into DVDs. We had a good catching-up chat. His work's recent re-org went the opposite of mine. He got singled out for praise on a project and was given a better boss and duties which are a better match to his skill set.

Safeway is right around the corner, so I stocked up on things on my list. They had no limes. None. Except for key limes, which are worthless, and organic ones which looked like they had been sitting there for weeks.

Home, put stuff away, caught up on email, FB and now this.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning drill
10 am interview
Capture the videos. That's going to take about 9 hours.
Python class at 7

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