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When eggs go bad

Today's adventures began at 10 am with a phone call from a techie at GoPro, screening for a contract job. He is not the hiring manager, but she will be getting his feedback and suggestions from him. I looked him up on LinkedIn last night and he has an amazing set of qualifications in things optical. The call was scheduled for half an hour, but I was his last call of the morning, so we talked for an hour. The first half hour was boilerplate video and photography questions, I knew most of them. There were then some questions about QA, how familiar I was with Microsoft Office, and giving formal presentations, and mining massive amounts of data. He was pretty personable, so I asked him if he knew any of the astronomers at Lick, but he said he's been there many times with his kids, but wasn't in that loop professionally.

About 45 minutes into the call, he stopped being able to hear me. I've had a lot of issues with dropped calls and one-way audio ever since I switched to Verizon and got the Samsung phone. :-(  We eventually got re-connected.

After the call, I phoned the recruiter per her instructions, but she seemed surprised to hear from me. The job is a mid-level role at an entry level hourly rate. The interviewer was clear that the goal was to eventually hire whomever they chose, but there was no set time frame.
Last night's grocery run included 18 eggs, because they were on sale, and because for a couple of months there have been three raw eggs in the fridge in a dozen-egg container, waiting to be used, but I was pretty sure they went bad long ago. My usual breakfast, suggested by my diabetes doctor, was to add to the usual banana an egg, so there would be some protein. Since then I had been making that a hard boiled egg, but after the layoff I stopped having breakfast regularly for a couple of months, and when I did, not having any Known Good eggs, I munched on walnuts. Someone, Jet, maybe, was selling the Costco 3-lb bags for $13, in the store they are $20. So I bought three.

This morning started overcast and cool, so I put a dozen eggs in a pot of water, first marking the old ones with a sharpie, and it was immediately clear they were bad. They floated. The good eggs sank to the bottom.

So now I have a dozen 11 hardboiled eggs (I had to test one) and 6 raw ones which may become hard boiled if I don't remember to cook them some other way.
As they were boiling, I was recording my friend's first VHS tape to disk. It was a very old recording from when he was a DJ at a Corvallis area radio station, and apparently as a publicity stunt, he went skydiving for the first time, tandem. I have only known him since 2000, after he had become silicon valley engineering fodder. The video is when he was in good shape and had shoulder length hair in a pony tail. It was a fun video, I will enjoy making it into a DVD.

Four more tapes to go, this time they are marked as 120 minutes, so I set the recorder to automatically stop at 125 minutes. Got one recorded as I went into the livingroom to watch some Amazon Fire and some Tivo.

That got me to where it was time to go to class, and I stupidly turned off the PC. Turned it back on when I realized the next tape could be recording while I was away.

During the first tape I also went outside to repair the tomato frames and re-adjust the American flag, trying to make it so it would not wrap around the pole.  For the 12th time. Turns out it's fine to have it hang horizontally, but that gets it tangled in the hedges. For some reason that corner of my carport is the windiest place in Sunnyvale, with constantly changing directions. The flag always waits till I stop watching to wrap itself.

Getting to class was a PIA. I took what should have been the fastest route, Wolfe Rd. to Homestead and then across Homestead to the school. But Wolfe was a mess, way too much traffic for the traffic signals to handle, and too many drivers being jerks about letting in side traffic, or even lane changes. And other jerks forcing their way in, stalling themselves and everyone else. Homestead was also backed up.  What should have been a 12-minute drive took more than half an hour. I was a few minutes late for class, but the teacher is always late so that didn't matter. Also, it seems about 5 people have dropped out, or at least they were not there tonight. When everyone is there, being late means no computer.

It was a boring class, for a change. The first hour is all stuff we had been given before, so a lot of us did other things. The guy on my left was reading the English language New Delhi paper online. The woman in the next row to the left was playing Tetris on her phone. And I was checking email on my phone, and also looking into switching to Sprint. Including seeing what I'd have to forfeit to Verizon to cancel a year early. It was not clear.

It didn't help that his slides for the 2nd hour were out of order. There was one new concept, using "and" and "or" which is totally whacked, a great example of taking well known function names and applying them to something completely different. In all the other languages, "and" is used to require a pair of items to match and "or" is used to allow one of two items to match. In python, "and" finds the first false statement in a list and "or" finds the first true statement. Unless I have it backward. As I said, it's whacked.

The final hour was weird, he went through all 147 homework exercises, and as usual asked for volunteers to explain how to code the solutions. The woman behind me seemed to be the only one willing to share. Plus the high school student. I suspect that like me, most of the class saw no practical value in the exercises, because they really had none. I took all of the exercises and created my own program which used them all, plus a few things I had to learn by looking them up online.

Home, the flag was not wrapped, but the lower swivel was stuck. I'll leave it unless it wraps again.

The second 2-hour video recording was a FAIL. When I restarted the recorder software, it did not remember the setting to not split the file at 4GB, so I had two files, with a bit missing at the split. I just finished re-recording that, and am on #3. That will run overnight, until it reaches 125 minutes.

Did not hear back from the NVidia recruiter yet. She said 4 days, so no worries yet. And I got a call from a recruiter who had submitted me for a Logitech job, they want to phone me too. I expected to hear back from him this evening, but did not.

Spook was crying a lot, wanting treats, acting like she was starving despite the expensive dry food in her tower. So I set down a freshly opened can of crab flavored food. She licked it dry on top, so I slapped what was left into an old treats bowl, and she gobbled up most of it while I was away.
Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Look over the El Capitan score for the numbers they did tonight, and the ones scheduled for tomorrow.
Maybe do that at Baylands
Make poached eggs?
Visit Verizon, have my phone checked out, and if there's nothing wrong with it, get a quote on the penalty for early withdrawal, visit the local Radio Shack, which is now owned by Sprint, and look into getting an HTC phone.
Rehearsals at 7

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