Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's Starting to come together

As promised, I slept in (I was up till 2:30). Finally was up and doing by 11.

No breakfast, lunch was lox and goat brie on wheat thins, Jello dark chocolate pudding cups for dessert.

Went to Verizon, where they could not find anything wrong with my phone, so they did the cell phone customer service equivalent of a reboot by putting in a new SIM chip. For some reason, this triggered a pair of email messages to me saying my account had change, but then giving the same numbers I'm already paying. The second message was to let me know my account was activated (giving my usual phone number).

That was a bare minimum effort, I'm technical enough to know it is not a solution.

Next stop was a nearby Radio Shack, they are now owned by Sprint, and have a Sprint cell phone agent on site. I had already gone online and seen they have a deal going which will lower my bill by a lot, and they will pay my Verizon termination fee. The rep showed me the numbers, and for the HTC10 phone I want, it will be about $55 a month instead of $85. Part of that is Verizon has me locked in at 2GB data but Sprint will allow 1GB. I checked my last 3 bills, they were all well below 1GB.

They didn't have my phone in stock, but they were able to find one at another store which will be delivered to them tomorrow around noon. So I'll do the switch tomorrow.

Finished digitizing all of L's tapes, and made 3 DVDs and printed an amusing design on them. Trimmed the excess off the last two, will mess with editing all of them later.

Played online, watched a little trashy TV, changed the litterbox cartridge, and headed to rehearsals at 6:15, got there in about 15 minutes. Took the most traffic-free back roads. It's the same distance, I think, as class, and 90% of the route is the same.

El Capitan is really starting to come together. The group is very social, so I am faking being the same. I've been having fun teasing Helena, who played my daughter in TheatreWorks' Oliver 30 years ago. I don't think we had been onstage together since then, though we were both active in Menlo Players Guild's play reading and board of directors. Her son, who was a low-functioning and often violent kid is now 30. I'm surprised he made it. When he was 5 it didn't look like he would survive very long.

On my way home I shopped at the Walmart grocery in the Embarcadero center, it's in the former Microcenter store. So I bought chips. They did have the Mexican popsicles, but in 12-packs not 24, and it did not include my favorite - coconut - so I bought a separate box of those. Also found a lot of things I was not looking for, including a big bag of frozen chicken wings, so I got a huge thing of peanut oil and some flour and will try this weekend to make the Southern fried wings I like. None of the grocery stores are selling them anymore, it's all hot wings or honey mustard or fried boneless crap. It's something I can use the eggs for. Though maybe I'll use eggbeaters and save the eggs for poached eggs.  They also had huge smoked turkey legs, which I have not seen in other stores lately. And cole slaw. I also picked up a can of Henry's hard orange soda, which I just finished. It has about the same level of alcohol as beer.  It may help me get to sleep. Maybe. The booze doesn't help the taste of the orange soda.

Home, put stuff away. Gave Spook some treats, but she bugged me for  more. No.

Scanned in the covers of the 4 tapes, will need to do some editing to make them work as DVD labels.

Started a load in the dishwasher.

Plans for tomorrow:
More video editing
Maybe do some Python homework

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