Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Flag Is Not Flagging

All those adjustments, and now the flag is waving freely, not wrapping around the pole. I'll be taking it down on Tuesday, and may put up the Coast Survey flag in its place, or I may mount a flag pole holder somewhere less breezy. Maybe on the storage shed.
Slept till 9, was at the PO at about 11 to drop off the last eBay sale. $800 from two previous sales is now in my bank account. That's almost 2 weeks' unemployment $$. Three lenses and a router. I may sell my D90 camera, but it doesn't look like any of the ones listed on eBay have any bids except for one which was listed by a camera store at $1 and is now up to $130. eBay says a fair price is $239, which sounds right to me.

Before heading to the PO I packed a banana, a pair of sliced hard boiled eggs and a snack bag of walnuts. And a bottle of water. The idea being to have a late breakfast at Baylands. Which is what I did. Lots of RC aircraft being flown, all forms - helicopter, flying wing, fighter jet, Cessna, etc. Just after I sat down, a couple of 50-ish guys arrived with black cases about the right size for a professional video camera, but inside each was a black quadcopter which looked like a $5k model. One guy was showing the other how to fly his. Ultra-stable, and it looked like one had been programmed to come back when the operator gestured to it. Maybe.
Plan A had been to go to the Tech Museum because BofA has free admission for ATM cardholders. But by the time I remembered, it was too late.

Home, found a section in El Capitan which I'd missed highlighting, did it wrong, so got out the bleach, some water and a couple of Q-tips to erase the highlight. About 10:1 water:bleach worked well. Also fixed another line which was highlighted by mistake. In the process I reviewed all the music & words and was once more impressed by how incredibly stupid the lyrics are. But the plot is very funny, and there are some really clever sight gags in the dialog.
Monday I'll spend more time trying to learn words.

Trimmed all the MPEGs from the tapes, cut off blank space front and back. And most of the afternoon was spent creating and burning a blu-ray of the first tape. I may have to do that all over again, I did not like the theme which I chose (out of the 4 available) and the menus don't work correctly. Not that menus matter, I set it to create chapters every 5 minutes because I didn't want to have to watch 8 hours of WWI documentaries to see where the breaks should go.

In the process, I discovered that none of my software can make an ISO from a blu-ray disk, even one I created myself. So I went online and found one which could, downloaded it, and it was packed full of viruses. I found another one which was clean and free. It makes a .bin file, and was able to burn copies from that. After I was done burning the three copies I wanted, and printing on them, Norton started complaining.

I had to download a patch and a boot level repair program from Symantec to clean the machine. Also had to remove some Yahoo! crap from the registry. It's all good now. Needed to do that before tomorrow morning's weekly backup, which will be huge with all the video files.

Dinner was cold smoked turkey, huge drumstick, I only finished half. Cole slaw on the side. Canteloupe & Famous Amos for dessert. All this while locomotivating between the computer and burning/copying to the TV and a pretty good CFL football game.  And two episodes of PTI with really lousy guest hosts.

Still have 2 Graham Norton shows to catch up on.

Located a couple of recipes for what I thought I was making yesterday. In a nutshell - beer battered wings.
The chorus has been told to wear all black. I don't have a black shirt in my size, and my black pants are kind of small. So I found one of each online.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get to the Tech, maybe.  Maybe not - may have to wait till next month, have a coffee date in MV at 5, and the IMAX I want to see would make me way late for that. And it will be a zoo, what with holiday weekend.
If not Tech, then re-do the DVD and try to make two more.

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