Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why do I keep forgetting?

There wasn't much to do today, I was up at 7:30, Spook curled up at the end of the bed so I just stayed there till 9 playing on the tablet. I tried playing some of the MIDI files for El Capitan but it was useless without having the music in front of me. After my morning routine I had lunch, and then hunkered down with the score and the tablet and walked through the whole operetta, but with a few burps before I figured out how the MIDI player worked.

Breakfast was a banana and HB egg. For lunch I cooked up an omelet from the last of the eggbeaters, bacon pieces and cheese slices.
It was a good day for UPS. Delivered was minoxidil (the theory is I can bring back my formerly lush beard, and lower my blood pressure at the same time). And the mini quad copter, which is small enough to fire up in the laundry room for 3 seconds before it hits the wall. Maybe I'll take it out to the park tomorrow.

And in a separate delivery, the black pants & shirt for the concert. Need to try those on tomorrow.

I was pretty bored, watched an episode of Genealogy Roadshow on Amazon. Channel surfed. Why do I keep forgetting to play my piano? Or get on the exercise bike?

Tried to nap between 5 and 6, at least I had a lie-down. 6:30 headed for rehearsals. Got there at 10 to 7, most of the cast was already there.  The staff had chosen this day for our first full read-through because nobody had any conflicts. Except one of the stars extended his out of town-ness, causing the director, who is a pretty solid tenor, to fill in.

Two cast members had birthdays, including the director's girlfriend, he gave her a bouquet and a kiss. Awwww. There were also red white and blue frosted cupcakes and home made chocolate chip cookies at the breaks, and a little flag cake with 50 blueberries crammed in as stars.

The rehearsal went well, and this is the first time the chorus heard the dialog, and it is really a hoot. The leads are great and they are having a lot of fun with it. Some of the music was taken too fast, especially when the director filled in on piano. This early in the process, it's better to slow things down to below auctioneer speeds. For a change the orchestra conductor conducted us, until now it has been the vocal director who IMHO is a better conductor of choruses. We will have a full orchestra. The concertmistress was at the rehearsal, with her husband who is one of the accompanists and also videographer. She was introduced as the president of the board.

We got the traditional "sell tickets" speech from the co-producer. We have a full orchestra and a chorus of about 50, and only 1,000 tickets to sell, so I doubt if that will be an issue. I've done my duty and invited a lot of my musical theater FB friends, using the theater's event widget.

Had a call this afternoon from Verizon asking if there was anything they could do to win me back. "Maintain your cell towers" was the answer. I explained that special offers are no good if all they do is prolong my pain. While Verizon has been sitting on their laurels, Sprint has been building up their network.

Dinner was a small Lean Cuisine and a chocolate muffin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take the copter to the park
Beer batter chicken wings (I found what looks like the right recipe)
Python class

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