Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fry, fry again

Started the day with what looked like a good recipe for beer battered chicken, battered up about 2/3 of the wings. Everything looked fine until I took them out of the oil. The batter was squishy and mostly falling off. The recipe said to bake them for half an hour after frying, which seemed wrong, so I only did that to half the failed wings, but it helped. The other half I washed off as best I could and set aside. The baked ones were lunch.

Got the clues I needed, and started preparing for another go at fried chicken. The clues were:
1. Soak the wings in a buttermilk & spices mixture for 2 hours at room temperature, then drain & pat dry-ish
2. Toss them into a container full of flour and shake it to coat them all. Batter won't stick to skin, but it will stick to flour
3. Corn oil is okay. Peanut oil is slightly better but twice the price
4. Batter each wing separately, and toss it into the hot oil as soon as it is battered
5. Use a skillet, not a deep pot
6. Only fry a few at a time. ~ 7 minutes a side.
8. Keep the oil on medium heat after heating to 350°

I was so caught up in that, and multitasking online that my phone beeped with a calendar reminder I had completely forgotten about - phone interview with the hiring manager at NVidia.

He called almost on time. It was a disaster. His cell connection was poor, his Indian accent thick, and his syntax was difficult to decode. In a nutshell, I did not understand him, he did not understand me. And he has no clue how to interview. So, unfortunately, that very nice job is not going to happen.

Have not heard back from GoPro, so that's also probably not happening either. Or Logitech, but I don't really care. And then there were none. :-(

The second wave of battered wings came out fine. Just for grins I battered the failed washed-off wings, and they came out okay too. Refried wings. Olé!

And boy what a mess the kitchen was. I did some cleanup, but needed to do some stuff on the PC, like download the class slides for tonight, and make a DVD for Robin of the Graham Norton show featuring the GB3 cast. That will be in the mail tomorrow. Maybe it will remind her she owes me a DVD of the Oliver! we were in way back when.

Class was abysmal. I'm guessing we have 1/3 fewer students now. Once again the teacher wasted huge chunks of time going over and over and over stuff on the board instead of telling the students asking stupid questions to just effing try it on the PC in front of them. He started the class by asking how it was going, and for suggestions on making it better, but the same idiots kept shouting out inane suggestions.

As expected, we ran out of time, and he skipped over the two most difficult to understand items of the day.

And he let class out early. 20 minutes.

Home, I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen, loaded up the dishwasher.
Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure (I forgot to go today)
Baylands - fly the copter
Lucky's, more chicken wings & other stuff on my list
Fry again
Study El Capitan parts
Do some python(?)

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