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An okay day

So this happened. I was up at 7:30 with the alarm, Spook jumped onto the bed in a vain effort to lead me to her treats, but I got up and showered & stuff, got online (found one job to apply for) while I had a banana & HB egg with some walnuts (because I had forgotten I had HB eggs, and by habit had started filling a bowl with walnuts when I remembered), and was all done by 10. As I was gathering up my tablet and the shopping bags from the last couple of days' outings, the phone rang and a miracle happened. A man from India who could actually speak English clearly was calling, about a contract testing Chromecast at Google in Mountain View. And he didn't blink at my hourly rate. He said he would arrange for an in-person interview there.

The job description is heavier on iOS than I'd like, but I know I can do the job with no more than the usual newcomer training.

That concluded, I drove to Baylands, and flew the new smaller copter. There were way more people flying things than usual for a weekday morning. More than is usual for a weekend, too. And there were no company picnics going on, not even as I was leaving at 12:30. That all points to unemployment and Bad Times.

The small quad copter is a lot easier to fly, though it does tend to get way high faster than I'd like, which was a problem with the big one, too. But it was more controllable, especially once I figured out that the controller joystick on the right is the one that banks the craft, while the one on the left is both the throttle (up/down) and rotate (left/right). It is not easy to rotate the craft without messing up the throttle setting.  The good news is it is so small and light that there's no harm in bringing it down quickly if it gets too far away. By the end of the second battery, I was able to almost make it hover, and keep it airborne and mostly under control. I captured some videos with the onboard camera, but of course did not have it on for the longest flight. After the batteries ran out I set up my camp chair in the shade and watched the other flyers. One guy had brought one of the $5k models, and was showing it off for a friend. He didn't do much with it, just made it hover a lot. It was like watching a flying Hummer.

Home, had lunch - one batch of beer battered wings with mixed veggies, and sliced up a mango for dessert. Downloaded and watched the copter videos.
Maybe I'll put one here later.

Called Automation Guy, we chatted for half an hour. He shares my pain about the stupid jargon Python uses.

At about 3 I drove downtown, saw that all the green in Ingress was now blue, except for one neutral portal in the distance. I had enough weapons to capture two of the blue ones, hacked all the others, and then went to Starbucks. It was a cavalcade of women on their way to or from the gym. Lots of shorts and skin-tight stretch pants. Also a lot of guys with their trophy GFs. And my favorite married lady. I tried to do some homework, but none of the assignments (there were about a dozen) used any of the new stuff from the last class.

I went online to see if there were some code examples of the two things he had glossed over, and found an excellent tutorial site which explained a lot more than the class slides. It also was more advanced than what we've done in class so I had to bail after I understood the main concept.

My timing was bad, all the commuter trains were arriving, which meant gridlock on the streets as people went from train to cars. So I walked around trying to find those neutral portals, captured three or four, but ran out of stuff with which to link them. Finally sat on one of the many benches and read more Andre Norton.

Home, Facebooked, LinkedInned, found two jobs to apply for, though one is at Apple so it was more of a St. Jude than a real possibility.

Dinner was a beef potpie, and coconut popsicle.

Was unable to find a news channel which was not all about Texas cops. Pisses me off that something that far away in a state which prides itself on gun violence gets so much local coverage. Local stations need to report local news and leave not-local news to the network.

Way in the back of my mind is "how does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?" and not so far back is "you're covering a protest where you are outnumbered 8 to 1 in a gun-happy city and you're not wearing Kevlar?"  And way in the front is "You blew up the guy while you were negotiating? WTF?"

And the fact that the cops started with a conspiracy theory for a shooting near Dealey Plaza (the injured cops were taken to the same hospital JFK died in)...

Plans for tomorrow:
Find something to do. Baylands will be too crowded. All the parks will be. Too cold at the beach.
Study El Capitan lyrics


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