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It seemed like a good idea at the time

For the last fried chicken experiment, I bought a half gallon of buttermilk. I only needed a quart, but half gallons were on sale for only 50% more than a quart, and I try to follow my mother's shopping mantra:
Don't buy anything that is not on sale.
Buy everything that is.
So with all this buttermilk, I thought buttermilk pancakes. I used to make pancakes all the time when I was a kid, but buttermilk was not a thing in our kitchen. Another experiment...to be continued.

Another good night's sleep, starting at 1:30 am, because the Andre Norton book on the Kindle app threw me a curve. Just when I thought I was done, the sequel started. And unlike many Kindle novels, this wasn't a teaser, it's a whole 'nother book.

Woke up around 6, Spook jumped up on the bed and made "feed me" noises but it was too early and she knew it. I went back to sleep and when the alarm went off at 7:30 she was being Rocky Raccoon on the window sill behind the blackout curtain.

Pretty much kept to a work schedule, was done online before 10, had a banana and HB egg and the last of the walnuts from yesterday. No worries, there are still about 5 lbs of them in the kitchen.

After three wireless keyboards and mice misbehaving, I decided to blame it on them being wireless, so I went to Fry's and bought USB set, and while I was there picked up a practically free after rebate AVG security software package with 2 years free unlimited subscription for as many devices as I want. Home, installed it on the big PC, the phone, the tablet and the laptop. Decommissioned Norton's, because it has not been automatically updating (and lying about it) and it let in a major virus which whacked things on the big PC to the point where it needed a special patch to recover. And even after that, it was tagging perfectly good programs as viruses. Had to re-install Semagic, the word processor I use for LJ. I used AVG in the past, before Comcast offered free security software.

That took me till lunchtime, which was a pair of turkey baloney on wheat nut bread sandwiches with salami, pickles, lettuce and, of course, Grey Poupon. Watched some mindless TV, until I found a women's surfing championship in Rio. Dessert was sugar free chocolate pudding with blueberries and walnuts.

So many electrons today devoted to bemoaning the sad state of our nation, where killing happens on more than a daily basis. It's too late, people. The children who have been taught that guns are the answer are already adults. The children who wanted to grow up to become policemen because they wanted to wear a gun and use it with impunity are already cops with guns. And both groups are raising their children to be Just. Like. Them. And neither group is listening to us.

After lunch I drove over to Peet's with my score and the tablet. Parked my butt in the back with those and a coconut coffee concoction and an alleged butter croissant, and studied lyrics to the songs. [The croissant was actually bread dough cut into a triangle and rolled into a crescent shape. It was horrible. One bite and I was done.] Tried to also pay attention to the notes, but it's hard the way the bass line is written. Went through the whole thing, slowly, repeating places I am iffy on. 

I relocated to the front of the place, with a great view of the ordering line. Much better view than in the back. Read more Norton. At about a quarter to 6 I left, and decided to take a chance on Chavez market, since it is much closer than Lucky's and is not 7-11. They have very limited refrigerator space, and being a Mexican market, that space is devoted to 27 brands of beer, mostly from south of the border. They had no eggbeaters but they had a really low price on 18 large eggs, so even though I only really wanted three, I got the big package. Also picked up a small bottle of lemon juice (mine had gone bad in the fridge after maybe 5 years), and some limes, which were big enough and on sale 5/$1.

Home, in the mail was a bill from Medicare, which puzzled me because I thought I had arranged for auto-pay. Went online and did a chat with a rep, who reminded me that they don't have an online auto-pay feature, they have a paper form which I need to download, fill in and send back with a voided check. Meanwhile I can put the current bill on a credit card by filling in the form I got in the mail and mailing it back.  So I did both of those things. Made a dozen HB eggs too.

That brought me up to experiment time. Simple recipe: a cup of flour, a cup of buttermilk, an egg, some baking soda and salt. That made batter which was a little too thick, so I added more buttermilk. Sliced up a banana, and added slices to the pancakes as I poured them. They came out ugly but edible. I blame the plastic pancake flipper. I was using a nonstick pan, but I think it's one which can take a metal utensil. Next time.

I finished the whole pile of them for dinner. Popsicles for dessert.

The USB mouse is way more solid than the wireless ones. The keyboard is also more reliable, though I do still skip letters and type dyslexically. But now the mistakes are mine, not the keyboard's.
One thing Nikon repair did not do which they should have was update the firmware in the camera. I had the instructions sitting on the VCR just in case, and did the update. The main firmware hasn't changed in 4 years, but the algorithms for adjusting the image to the lens curvature got a massive update. to 2.something.
Set up to meet with the tapes-->DVDs friend Tuesday night, he's bringing his wife, which is great. She is a very good cook, so I harvested Thai lime leaves, rosemary and mint from the garden for her. She's from South Africa, so she may know about the lime leaves (they are commonly known by a rude SA name).

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much. Maybe harvest some rose petals.  
Janice is due around 1:20 so we can catch light rail and go to the sing-along Music Man. It's a 10-minute walk to light rail so I may end up driving. We'll see.


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