Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mucus Man

Didn't do much this morning. Two loads of laundry, one completed the other left in the washer until it was cool enough to put into the dryer.

Nice day, camped out on the porch and read.

Janice showed up in time for us to walk to light rail, and we got to the cinema with about half an hour to spare. Johnny Rockets did not have her favorite malt, and the entire under-5'-tall girls population of San Jose invaded Starbucks before we could get in line, so we just went into the theater. I bought a candy bar because blood sugar was going low. The show had reserved seating, which was a surprise, but convenient.

I only saw one person I knew, but she apparently didn't see me. Most of the crowd was associated with a youth production of Music man in Los Gatos.

It was a typical Retrodome production, with supertitles, a goodies bag and lots of props. Lots of singing along. I was surprised at how good Robert Preston's performance was. Also surprised that Buddy Hackett and Hermione Gingold were in supporting roles. I was pretty young when the movie came out. Also kind of miffed that My White Knight from Broadway was replaced by something a lot less poetic, with a long Cole Porter-like intro tacked on before the original intro. And it was so much fun to see Ronny (Ron) Howard when he was a bright red-haired pipsqueak. Amaryllis, the girl who has a crush on him, was played by Monique Vermont, whom FB says was born in Casablanca. She just retired from heading a dance academy in VA. And she looks way younger than she is. But she only was in one other movie. There was a scene where she got to watch Preston and Hackett do a dance number, she's holding the reins of a horse in the back of the garage they are dancing in. She was having the time of her life. It was strange, there was not a plot reason for her to be in the scene.

After the show we hit Starbucks, and then had to hunt for the light rail northbound station (where we got off is one track, southbound only). Found it where I thought I'd left it.

Got home eventually.

Dinner was a pair of lean cuisine turkey meals, one of which had some kind of horrible squash mush where mashed potatoes were on the other one. That part was consigned to the drain. Chocolate muffin for dessert. And an egg cream later.

Took out the garbage & recycles, and flattened a lot of boxes and bundled them for recycling. Spook yelled at me for taking up her couch for this.

Half listening to CFL football on Tivo in the background. "Two and oot" is the phrase of the night.

My friend Robin, who was Slimer in Ghostbusters 2, posted a ton of photos, as did her fans, of her on the green carpet for last night's premier in LA. And magically her IMDB profile now shows she is the voice of Lady Slimer in this one. It was a last-minute deal, no doubt influenced by her fans. Until today she was under an NDA about what role she played.

Plans for tomorrow:

I was hoping to go to the movies and see GB3, but it doesn't open here till Friday
Maybe do some Python
Take the copter to the park?
Rehearsal at 7

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