Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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All the Feels

Last things first. Today's Facebook had everything. Friends getting awards, or being mentioned for them. Two families moving to Oregon. Every side of Black Lives Matter. Wimbledon. Bears fishing. Humpbacks breaching in SF Bay. Polar bears on an ice floe. Two former Peace Corps alumni who don't know each other both in Thailand. Emo friends being especially emo. Ice cream tours. A turtle which looks like a cross between a Terry Pratchett novel and the Rio soccer pitch. UK cousins suggesting weird ways to run a government, but probably not as weird as what's going to actually happen. Why HRC should be in jail. Why HRC is a goddess. Why Trump's finger on the button is irrelevant because Putin has fingers too. And smaller hands. Friends remembering dead parents'  birthdays. Friends remembering dead parents' yahrtzeits.  Puns. Faulty memes. Snopes - once in the morning does it. And so it goes.

Prior to internetting, we had a rehearsal for El Capitan. The main reason I signed up for the chorus was the audition notice advertise that all the chorus would have to do was sit and stand at appropriate cues. Two hours were spent choreographing. Many chorus members volunteered to be onstage and dance, march or otherwise play active supporting roles which are not in the script. That's fine. But now in addition to very difficult music, the director is adding a multitude of arm gestures for the chorus. He thinks the show would be boring otherwise. He is man flavors of wrong.
The afternoon was pretty boring. I mostly watched CFL games on Tivo, read, and ate coconut popsicles.

DHL delivered, unannounced, a must sign for package form Asia. I knew what it was, I just did not expect it till later in the week. He banged on the door after opening the screen. After he left, I tried the bell, and it didn't work. Turned out to not be the battery in the button, it was the three C batteries in the main unit. So now I have working door bells at both front doors.

The delivery was a Solmeta GPS unit for my Nikon. I have had two very expensive ones die on me in an annoying fashion - they use a USB-like connector to charge the battery and to connect to the camera, and it keeps failing to make a connection after a year or so. They finally made a unit with a solid cable, it gets juice from the camera, and is half the price and 1/4 of the features, none of which will be missed except the ability to quick disconnect the unit. I tried it out, it works as advertised, except it does not shut off when the camera is turned off. It continues to drain the battery. I just have to rememebr to unplug it.

In the mail was a ballot pamphlet for the biggest WTF election ever. August 16 special election to choose one of three people for my city council district's seat. That is the entire ballot!

I did a sort of a 2-fer around noon. Took the car to the wash. I was going to write "car wash" until it occurred to me that it would be redundant. I mean, what other kid of wash would I take a car to? After, I nipped across the street to one of my favorite massage places and was majorly surprised that the therapist was gorgeous. We had a great conversation about Asian languages, she knows more than I do about Chinese and Korean. She speaks perfect American English. I said she sounded like she was brought up here, but no, she grew up in Vietnam, and just has an interest in languages. Apparently most of her Vietnamese friends also speak like a native.  None of mine do. She found that hard to believe.

The morning started with a series of phone calls which I rejected, from places several states east. Email revealed that someone in Texas was needing a tester for the kind of equipment I am an expert in. Irving, Texas. It looked like another MLB opportunity.

Now that it is no longer feasible to retire to Thailand, maybe I should consider finding work in Oregon. There may be opportunities in my field in  Beaverton or Portland.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the copter to the park
Hang out downtown
dinner with L&L so I can give him his DVDs and her some stuff from my garden.

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