Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just when it was going so well

I was out at the park and doing well flying the quad copter, and had some good video on the SD card when the battery started running down. Got it into the air one more time, and lost it in the sun about 30' up and behind me. I cut the throttle, expecting it to come crashing down near the trees, but it was nowhere to be seen. After half an hour of looking, I gave up. It must be in a tree, not visible from the ground. There are a lot of tall Eucalypti where it disappeared.

Partly thanks to Prime day, and partly because it's one of the small cheaper ones, I ordered a replacement. I'm glad I hadn't put the 16GB sd card in yet.

Also on sale was a 480GB SSD drive, which I'll be using to replace the C drive in the main PC. Hoping that will speed things up.

From the park I went downtown, captured a couple of portals, and while I was walking the plaza, the phone rang two different times, both with recruiters to whom I had talked before, both with job prospects. The first one was not a match. They wanted a networking tech support/tech trainer. I'm not deep enough in networking tech to do that. The other was trying to shoehorn me into a job I would love to do, but the idiots wanted to give me a coding test as part of the phone interview, even though the job should not require any coding.

Went to Starbucks and sat outside while many attractive women walked by, I told the 2nd recruiter in a series of email messages that I'm not jumping through hoops for a manager who wants to treat me like a new graduate. I have too much experience in the field for them to do that.

So I'm still at a dead end in the job market after 4.5 months. My record is 5. I really don't want to break it.

Job hunted online and walked back to the plaza using Pokemon Go. As zyzyly noted elsewhere, many of the Ingress portals are Pokemon landmarks. One of them had a note in the app saying it was a place to meet and greet, and about six 20-somethings were doing just that. All of them Asian. Which may or may not mean anything.

Home Depot, in search of a string trellis so I can get six pots of climbing plants off the kitchen table. Found something which should work, and also thyme and oregano plants which were surviving fine in direct sunlight.

Home, planted the herbs between the mint & rosemary. Tried to set up the trellis, but the space which was my first choice is way too small, and I need to make a compost run before I can use my second choice.

Facebooked and Gizmodoed to pass the time before my next appointment. Facebook was productive. A friend posted a photo shot in front of a green screen, and invited us to photoshop something into the background. He works at the computer history museum, so I found a photo of the Babbage engine up close.


I had always wanted to know how to do this trick, and found a simple Youtube tutorial.

Next appointment was meeting L at Prolific Oven to give him the DVDs and to give his wife some garden herbs. Unfortunately she was working a double shift and could not make it. And he was barely on time, having interrupted handling a crisis at work, which he needed to get back to later tonight. He bought us dinner, and we had a good chat, and I'm looking forward to hearing if I made any mistakes on the DVDs and what his wife thought of the herbs.

Home, by way of a fast food drive-through across from Levi's Stadium for a chocolate shake. Had that when I got home because they are too thick to drink right away.

Watered the carport plants & the dwarf rose bush out front.

A couple of days ago we got a notice that the Annual Inspection will be the last week in July. I expect to be told the house needs to be painted. Because it does. Maybe tomorrow I'll call the company which did the porch carpet and see if they can do that. Maybe a lighter color. And there are boards which need to be replaced first. Maybe they also can do the landscaping in front (pull out the hedge and dump some topsoil). I'll need to sell some stock to cover that.

Received from Amazon: the Python pocket guide, and a replacement for the replacement GoPro latch. This time it fit. So now I have a working waterproof case.

Plans for tomorrow:
There may be a phone interview at 11. Or 4.
Do some Python coding
Check about the painting, etc.
Compost run & try to set up the string trellis.
Python class

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