Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hump o Rama

Wednesday the 13th. Just doesn't have that ring to it.

They notified us more than a week ago that this morning at 8 the water might be turned off till 5, but I forgot. Until I brushed my teeth and there was only a dixie cup's worth of water out the spout. So no shower. There's some irony because I did wake up early enought to have that shower, but didn't make it out of bed till 9.

Breakfast didn't require running water. Banana and blueberries.

Plan A commenced. Got compost, went to Lowe's and found some wet sulpher solution (from Bayer!) and failing to find catmints, bought some catnip seeds.

Home, lunch didn't need running water - defrosted some beer battered wings and heated up frozen mixed veggies. Ginger Ale from SodaStream (diet) with slices of fresh ginger (from the New Yuan Market last week).

Sprayed the tomatoes, which turned out to be tedious because the sprayer lever kept sticking.

Hauled the tub of compost out of the car, dollied it to the end of the carport. Took the dolly inside.

Next stop, Peet's/Specialty's down the block. Captured something on Pokemon Go at my table. Thee are no Ingress portals in the area.

Had a sticky bun and diet Coke and did some job hunting on the laptop. There was email from an LA recruiter with an Indian name which sounded a lot like a contractor version of what my old company has been advertising a full time position for after someone they didn't lay off decided he would be happier elsewhere. Specialty's wi-fi was blocking my reply, I had to invoke SSL and a not-well-known port number to get through. And then their wi-fi went down completely so I went home.

Moved a couple of not-doing-so-well plants closer to the rosemary and dumped the compost into a wide section between two salvia plants, and smoothed it out. Left the washing up and watering to when there was water.

Downloaded the class slides, and was happy to see that 7 weeks in we are finally getting file operations. I figured how to do that in week 2.

Delivered was the replacement copter, which came with a controller (the original one woks fine) and a battery & SD card to replace the lost ones. Also delivered was the 1/2 gallon jug I needed to store the used corn oil. Poured the oil from a pitcher to the jug via a funnel with paper towel filter. It took a while, but came out clear and usable.

Went to class, got there half an hour early. Teach sent email about 10 minutes before class time that he would be no more than 15 minutes late. When people started trying the door, I used my STAGE VOICE to let them know he sent email.

There was a lot of good stuff in class. Everyone who was there last week looked to be there this week. I may be wrong about dropouts - I had not noticed that 5 people are sitting at a table on the far side of the room using their own laptops, instead of the class PCs.

And teach has been listening, he pointed out right at the start that this week's homework included some practical exercises. Real World stuff. AFT, as they say. As usual he didn't get much class participation at the end of the night when he went over last week's homework. Because none of it had any practical application. And most of them his code wasn't as efficient as mine (so I'll assume many others' as well).

Plan A+ included a stop at Denny's. Originally I was going to just have a shake of a sundae, but was hungry so had a senior meal. When I ordered, I asked the waiter to come back when I was done because I was going to want dessert. He waved me off saying he won't forget.

He forgot.

Not only did he not return, he took orders from two nearby tables, not looking in my direction at all, 10 minutes after I was done. So I went to the register to get my bill, and told him he blew it. Minimum (for me)  tip. Far too generous.

Took a detour into the Booger King drive-thru for a chocolate shake. Sadly, they are the same as Carl's. Maybe tomorrow I'll got to new Boardwalk for one.

Home, watered all the carport plants, especially the new patch. Didn't have enough light to plant the vines or put up the string trellis.

In the park mail slot was an official announcement from the owners that there will be an annual inspection July 19. A few days ago we got one from the local manager saying there was on the week of July 27. WTF? I'll call to find out if there are two of them. If that's the case I will be seriously looking to move. As if I can afford it. As if I want to go through escrow again.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find out about the inspection(s)
Try to remember to call about painting/fixup/landscaping.
Fly the copter. Try not to lose it
Plant the vines, put up the string trellis
El Capitan rehearsal

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