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The main event was a CT scan in the afternoon, which meant filling in the time without being late for the appointment.

I was up and showered before 8, just in case they turned off the water again (they didn't). Finished my online stuff before 10. Took the copter to Fair Oaks Park, which was mostly empty. There was very little wind, so I was able to control the thing a lot better. It did get away from me a couple of times early, which is when I discovered that if it gets too far away it stops responding to the controller. And when the battery runs out, it simply can't keep the props spinning fast enough to stay in the air.

I used 6 of 7 batteries before a soccer match started to be set up in front of me.

Home, delivered was sodastream diet orange syrup and a 480GB SSD. I plugged the SSD into the PC's USB but it was not recognized. Had to plug it into one of the 3.0 ports in the back. Acronis clone still would not copy to it, but that turned out to be because it detected errors on drive C. I started the Windows repair on C while I made some snacks which became lunch.

That done, still had to initialize and then format the SSD before Acronis would clone to it. I left that running while I went to the hospital for the CT scan.

This was a redo of a scan 3 months ago, which had something they didn't recognize on it, which could be cancer or it could be an error in the imaging. I checked in at 3 for a 4 o'clock appointment, but I wasn't seated for more than 5 minutes when they took me in. A nurse prepped me with an IV lead, and then I waited and waited, watching others go in. Long story short, it was maybe 5 to 4 when I got into the scanner room. I was out by 4:15.

Thought about going to see Ghostbusters, but decided to see the late 3D show (I can't do IMAX  vertigo sets in, and the screen is too wide to see everything). So, home, finished cloning the SSD, had something resembling dinner, and there was just enough time to pull out the HDD and install the SSD as C:\. That took 10 minutes, and worked the first time. The PC boots up and brings up Windows a lot faster now. I wish there was an affordable 8TB SSD that I could replace the 4 2TB RAID drives with. From what I know about why RAID works better than a single drive, it wouldn't apply to an SSD, since there are no moving parts to need to load share.

Got to the cinema at about 9 for the 9:20 show, the line was long because they only had one cashier open.

This is opening night for GB3 at this theater, I expected a crowd, but only a dozen people saw the movie with me. So much for all the hype.

I am not a huge GB fan, despise Bill Murray and thought the only talent in 1 and 2 was Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver. But a dear friend from my TheatreWorks days (we did a duet in Oliver!) was the person inside the Slimer animatronic suit in GB2, and was brought into the cast at the last minute as the voice of "Lady Slimer" - they gave Slimer a girlfriend.

It was a fun movie, kind of disjointed at times, the CGI was way overboard as expected, but all in all I would say on a par with the originals. They brought in most of the original cast in cameos, and I was pleased with Bill Murray's well-deserved exit. There were some other notable cameos, such as Ozzy Osbourne. The 3D credits were a work of art, with a few laughs in there, and the Easter egg was worth the wait, ending with maybe the best inside joke of the movie.

I give it 3 stars out of 5

Home, here I am on the new faster, silent, energy efficient SSD. I did have to re-enter a couple of things (Google apparently tags logins with the hard drive's s/n or something which can identify a different machine).

While I was at the hospital there were a couple of recruiter calls, one was a possible contract, the other was way out of my area or expertise.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drink a lot of water
Maybe make buttermilk pancakes again
Change to cleaner cutoffs
Shopping - need fruit
Coffee w/Janice before she leaves for Fiji

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