Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Ho, Lotsa Hum

Pretty boring day. Out of bed by 9, feeling like a nap would be a good idea. The whites hamper looked like it was laundry time, but a check of the stock on hand says not for almost a week yet.

Made buttermilk pancakes again, they looked fine but some of them tasted burnt. I made some plain and some with walnuts and one huge one with crushed pistachios. By the time I was done cooking, it was lunchtime. That had not been the plan, but whatever.

Not much to see online. A musicals playwright friend commented on my FB post re:GB3, what I had been thinking, that it was a poorly written and edited movie.

Saturday in the summer is not a good time to go to any park if you don't have to, and I was going to meet Janice for coffee at Starbucks at 5, so instead of going downtown and doing homework at *$s there, I went to the one where we were meeting, and worked there. With a lot of help online with syntax, I was able to finish the first exercise. Formatting the output took as long as writing the program. I finished just as Janice walked in. But I had done some other python things before starting on the homework.

We had a shorter than usual chat because she had had a rough week, and will be leaving for Fiji early morning Monday.

Went to nearby Safeway and stocked up on fruits and other sale items. Frozen dinners and cold stuff for warm weather. As usual their wi-fi sucked so bad I couldn't connect with my Safeway app, so I probably spent $20 less on my personal sale deals than if it had been working.

I remembered to let the battery in the car go to zero, and have started burning some gasoline. Half a tank is enough to get me where I'm going in most cases, no reason to haul that heavy load all the time.

Plans for tomorrow:
More python, maybe downtown
Study lyrics
Fry's, get an enclosure kit so I can wipe the HDD via a USB port. The gadget which worked for the SSD doesn't provide enough power to spin up an HDD, I guess. Edit add: Looking for enclosures online, turns out that a SATA disk duplicator hiding in the closet is also a USB 3.0 enclosure. Wiping is in progress, should be done by 4 am.

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