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Sunday Pokewatching

Spook did her usual tease this morning. Usual in the sense that on the rare times she jumps onto the bed while I'm there, she usually does this. When I reach out my hand, she head butts it, and lets me rub my finger alongside her neck behind the ear. But she won't come any closer, and if I put my hand anywhere behind her head she bolts.

Her after-I'm-dressed routine was a little different this morning.  As usual she yelled at me until I walked to the kitchen with her, but this time when I laid down some treats, she ignored them and kept looking at me, yelling. Whining, really. So I opened a can of the tuna/crab-in-goop I got when I found she loves crab, put a couple of teaspoons of it it on a paper plate and she went right for it. She didn't eat it all, but when she was done she ate the treats. She's been going back and eating a little bit more from the paper plate all day.

It was time to change the sheets. Spook "helped" in her usual way:

I wonder if there's an earthquake on the way, because she has been acting strangely in other ways:

This is not her usual hiding place. There really isn't enough room for her.

FB has its uses. John Purcell, whom I believe is a filker, and I know I met at a con somewhere, pointed to a cool photo-to-art app. I did this with it:

Finally got a circular enabling device, took pix with my cell phone of my Nikon D90 and its accessories and put them up for auction on eBay. I haven't used that camera in years. My original plan was to give it to my east coast nephew, but he already had a better one. As does his wife. In the process I found my Nikon 8008S film camera, and discovered there was a roll of film in it with maybe 4 shots taken. I discovered this by opening the back of the camera. Oh well, I don't have a way to develop it anyhow, and it's too expensive to have it done. The auction is here (clicky).
Also discovered several lens filters, only one of which fits any of my D800 lenses. I need to buy  just bought a 77mm set.
Did finally get oot and aboot, to the Sunnyvale plaza downtown, which was awash with people poking mons. I was surprised that very few were alone, mostly pairs but also pairs of pairs and slightly larger groups. They probably thought I was one of them, as I hacked Ingress portals.

Funny how things work, I took the car charger down from the carport wall and stowed it back inside the car, partly because on the 19th there is going to be an inspection by the corporate dufusses (dufi?) to make sure we are all abiding by the Beautification rules. One of those is no car chargers in view from the street. Or maybe at all. But more than that, I wanted to get my gas tank down to about half to reduce the amount of weight the battery needs to pull. I'm guessing I'll get better miles per charge as well as MPG with less gas in the tank.

So of course for the first time this month, there was an available free charger in the Sunnyvale plaza underground lot. It's a 220V one, so instead of 6 hours it took less than 3.

After hacking the usual portals, and admiring the increased eye candy (thanks, Pokemon!), I went to Starbucks, which was fairly crowded, though as I was waiting for my iced tea, my usual spot opened up. But today it was mostly guys in my line of sight. All the most attractive women were with SOs and doing take-out. There was one stunning woman who was in line ahead of me and sat across from me while she waited for her guy. She is about 6' tall, maybe more. He turned out to be a head taller than her in every direction. Loved her black neoprene skin-tight body sock.

I may not have seen as much as was there, eye candy wise,  because I got caught up coding homework assignments. As usual, most of the time was spent making improvements on the assignment, and trying to make the output pretty. Teacher has no sense of useful output. I would hate to have to QA his work.

Only got two of them done, the third has me stumped. It sounds simple, but isn't. Will work on it more tomorrow.

After, I walked down Murphy Street, which also has a series of portals and hacked away. Almost captured the clock, but ran out of XMP. Could have hacked more portals and returned to finish the job, but I'm not that invested in the game. Or quite as OCD as that.

Home, the monthly complete backup of my RAID array was still in progress from 6:30 this morning. Better to leave the PC alone while it did that. Watched a couple of episodes of a new Veterinary show, Three ethnic vets have a clinic in Texas, near Houston, and they look like they almost know what they are doing. Half the screen time is devoted to their family lives, they are all friends and do stuff like BBQs together with their wives and kids. The more of that they show, the less I enjoy watching.

Dinner was chips & dip followed by the last of the smoked turkey leg.

After the backup was done (7:30 pm) it dawned on me that all the copter video files were taking up way more space than they needed to, so I made one last compilation and uploaded it to youtube and then nuked the raw avi files.

Bought a ticket for Ragtime at Ohlone college. I know a lot of the cast & crew. The last time I saw it, James Inglehart played the lead in a local community theater production.

Plans for tomorrow:

Maybe Fair Oaks Park and fly the copter
4 pm phone interview
7 pm El Capitan rehearsal

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