Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CD Project and some job prospects

Did not get to the park because I sat down and started ripping my musicals CDs to MP3 so I can listen in the car. I have three CD/DVD devices in the PC, but the software can only rip one at a time. But I load up all three and have it down to a routine. I have a lot of CDs, and maybe eventually I'll get them all ripped. But for now I'm up to "H" in musicals. My collection is divided into pop, musicals, classical, foreign language, filk and sound effects. Pop is about half of them, musicals maybe 1/3.

Spook has been living up to her name today. Most of the day I couldn't find her. She would appear out of seemingly nowhere when she wanted a treat, and when I refilled her food tower. I have no idea where she hides. Not under the bed, and today not in any of the closets which she knows how to open. Maybe under the futon in the guest room.

On the job front, there were two to apply for on Dice, and one at Apple. I had a phone interview at 4 with a recruiter at Theranos, and here will be a follow-up with the hiring manager tomorrow at 3. The recruiter expects to bring me in for an in-person one soon. There is also a phone screen with Nest, probably tomorrow morning. There are three other contract positions I was expecting to hear back from this week.

Theranos would be interesting, both because they pioneer technology in the medical testing area and because there is a chance they may be shut down.

El Capitan rehearsals were intense. The forgot to take a break after the second hour. The vocal director did his usual brilliant job of breaking down the very complex music into parts, and doing enough repitition to get things sunk in, but not enough for us to be tortured. The stage director, on the other hand, after promising not to add more movement, added several, and changed others. Pissed off everyone. Tomorrow night we get to do it all again with the leads.

Home, drefrosted a container of chicken soup, but it was the last one of the batch and had zero meat in it. So I added some of the first batch of failed breaded wings.

Watched an episode of PTI. They are still in vacation mode, and it is not nearly as good with stand-ins.

Watched half an episode of Living Color Season 1,  because I never had time to watch it when it was on way back when. It sucked so hard I deleted all the recordings and killed the schedule.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be home for interviews
The corporation which runs the mobile home park is doing annual inspections, allegedly. I brought in the umbrella and took down the ugly string trellis and put everything out of sight which they want out of sight. I'm expecting them to tell me to paint the house and maybe fix some of the wood work.
More CD ripping

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