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Two phone interviews today, 10-ish am with a recruiter who wants to land me a contract with her company at Nest, another a 3 pm with an engineer at Theranos. I've learned not to trust contract recruiters' cheery positive attitudes because they a) work on commission for how many candidates they refer and (b) none have come through for me in the past 5 months. The Theranos fellow asked all the right technical questions, but I didn't get the feeling I was his choice. He didn't mention any follow up.

Listened to just enough RNC news to know that T/P is no longer presumptive, and that Chris Christie's speech was a brilliant take of Hubert Humphrey's 1964 VP "But not Senator Goldwater" acceptance speech.

Spent most of the day ripping CDs (and am doing so in the background as I write this). I'm up to "P". My musicals collection should be finished tomorrow. I already have all my 78s in MP3, but without titles for most of them. I'll probably do selected Thai favorites next. That only covers maybe 10 artists. Edit add: One thing which complicates the project is for shows which I've been in, I may have three or four versions, and for Gilbert & Sullivan those are often 2-disk sets.

While those were cranking, I tried to do homework, but Python is rude about how it identifies substrings. Most other languages, finding an IP address inside a text file is easy,. Very convoluted with Python. A couple of hours later I finally gave up.

Corporate was supposed to inspect the park today, but I didn't see any sign of them. I wasn't looking.  I expect if they did go around I'll get something in the park mail box in a week or three.

Rehearsals were a mixed bag. When the vocal director is in charge we get a superb break-down/build-up of all the parts into a cohesive whole, with just enough repetition to make it stick. When the stage director is in charge, we get more of a fly by the seat of his pants adventure. He has his notes written down, but he keeps changing the directions based on his personal whim of what he is seeing, and he is too quick to add movement when a chorus member suggests it. Tonight we blocked scenes where a random 1/4 of the chorus leaves the group to go onstage. It puts a huge dent in the musicality. The stage director is a music teacher, he knows better. But for this show instead of blending his vast musical skills with stage directing, he has separated them. The orchestra conductor got a chance to direct each number we rehearsed, and while he gave a pointer or two which elp fit us to the orchestra arrangement, he was mostly there for us to get used to his conducting style. IRL he will conduct us.

Men were let go half an hour early, yay!

Home, Thai coconut chicken frozen dinner & a popsicle. Had planned on cutting up a mango but it had been in the fridge too long. :-(

And now I have laundry to put away.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fair Oaks Park/copter
More CD ripping
Python class

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