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Finished ripping the musicals CDs, 130 discs but some of them were 2-disk sets. I have multiple copies of several Gilbert & Sullivan shows, but only ripped my favorite version of the complete show for each one. In the case of more than one version of a musical, in most cases I ripped both the Broadway and the movie version. Music Man has one Broadway and two movies. I decided to include Matthew Broderick's Disney production because it includes My White Knight which was done somewhat less than optimally by Barbara Cook on Broadway, and was cut from the movie. I had a few out of order, but that was fixed because the PC put the titles in order for me. While I was at class, it took 3 hours to transfer them all to the MP3 player, which Ill test in the car tomorrow.
I have three times as many pop CDs, which I may get around to eventually. There are about 40 classical ones, only a handful of filk, maybe 100 Thai & Chinese.
The morning was horrible. At 4 am I woke up shivering, though the bedroom was at 72° and I was under a sheet and a quilt. Usually that's the alarm that my blood sugar is dangerously low, but I put on a robe and shuffled to the kitchen where my Hgl kit lives, and it was 112, which is an excellent number for me, and well out of the danger zone. Anything below 80 is a concern. 150 is my upper limit target.

I went back to sleep, but not until noticing I had three cat claw marks on my left arm. Spook apparently fights me in my sleep. :-(

Got up again at 6, then for real at 7:30. The shivering was gone, but I was dragging.

Made it to the nail salon by 10:30, then went to Fair Oaks Park and used up three batteries playing with the copter. It is so much easier to control when there isn't much wind. I didn't put an SD card into the camera because the goal was to mostly hover at about 6 feet and try to stay stable. And also to master the flip feature. There's button on the controller which is supposed to make the copter do a 360° flip on its horizontal axis, but I had to RTFM to find out that it also needs one of the joysticks to be pushed to the side. The guide says it needs to be 3 meters high to do it, but 3 feet was enough. After it flips it increases the  throttle a little, so I had to learn to pull it back down.

Next stop: ATM. Got some cash and went home.

The next project was adding eyelets to the carport screen door so I can latch it closed. It's a spring-loaded sliding contraption, and Spook knows if she pulls on the screen it will open. Somehow she has not applied that knowledge to the screens on the other two doors. I don't need air conditioning if all three doors are open.

None of my drill bits could dent the screen door frame, and the eyelets I had on hand were too big, so I went to Lowe's to get for-metal drill bits and smaller eyelets and something to connect them. Found what I needed in about 5 minutes, but it took 15 to check out because the latch wasn't in the system, and the hardware manager was no help at all. Cashier ended up doing it manually.

Home, the drill bit worked, and the eyelets are in place but the latch is awkward so I'm just using a garden tie.

Delivered was a set of filters for the lens I use the most. It has needed a UV/neutral one for a long time, and it's nice to have a polarizer (I have two in other sizes for long gone lenses).

I called the advice nurse, have an appointment with my doctor on Friday morning.

Python class was okay. I spent most of it testing the things he showed us, trying to make them work on the PC. He is very poor at providing working examples, so I got a lot of errors trying to use what he had in his slides. At te end of the class, as usual, he went over last week's homework, which very few people did. And toward the end he fessed up that IRL there are modules for doing easily all the stuff he was torturing us with. Which I already knew.

Home, dinner was Stouffer's all meat lasagne and some grapes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cat café?
Downtown Starbucks
Ragtime at Ohlone College

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