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Morning started early. Appointment with my PCP started with way too high a BP reading from the machine, but not so bad when re-tested manually. After discussing the symptoms, and knowing the history which led to my recent CT scan, she prescribed a drug. It sounds like it will help, she expects to see improvements in 3 days or we up the dosage. Starting at 2 mg for a drug which has a max of 20.

Parked down the block, and did about 20 minutes of walking around. Castro Street in MV has had a huge turnover in spaces. The long-time Scientology storefront is now a bakery cafe. The high-end Vietnamese place moved across the street into what I think was a Chinese restaurant. The night club has changed names again. The photo shop is now a tiny boutique. And what has been Greek -->Burgers-->Sports Bar is now Bierhaus. The appliance store is gone. Book Buyers has moved to Gilroy, about 50 miles away. And so on.

Home, had lunch, a Boston market chicken-like patty & biscuit with gravy.

Wrote a review of Ragtime on FB.

Spent a lot of time correcting the MP3 tags on the ripped music, and finally was successful transferring it all to the player. Did not use the car today, so I will check it tomorrow.

Long walk to light rail, but it's better than rush hour traffic & parking downtown SJ. Was 90 minutes early for the movie, so had a banana chocolate shake at Johnny Rocket. It could have stood more blending. No malts. :-(

Plenty of good seats 5 minutes till. The 2:30 show was not well attended. This was a 3-screen panorama experiment, and it opened on the center screen with one of the producers explaining that most of the action would be on the center screen, the side screens would be used when the scene called for it.

It was a good idea, proof of concept, but not as well executed as I had hoped. The screens were not flush with each other, the right-hand projector was out of alignment by a few inches, and the movie kept popping in and out of 3-screen mode at somewhat random intervals. Done right, it would be a blast.

Star Trek:Beyond did a good job of recreating the original series characters. McCoy took some getting used to and Chekov didn't work for me at all. Jaylah, a new character they find on another planet, is awesome.

People-watched on the Paseo for a while, stopped in at the French bakery expecting to have a napoleon, but they are using berry filling and cardboard layer dividers instead of whipped cream and fillo.

Home, much more pleasant to walk in 75° than 90°. Took my time, captured an Ingress portal which is out of range from home, and linked it to the one near home.

No dinner - popcorn was enough.

In the park mail slot was the expected order to paint the house.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
Call someone about painting the house.
El Capitan rehearsal with the orchestra for the first time. At a high school (but not the one at which we will perform)

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