Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

That's enough Python

Very quiet day. The drugs my doctor added have changed the symptoms, one of them in the opposite direction from what I wanted, but the important one seems to be making a little progress. A win on balance.

Nothing on my plate this morning so I did some coding. Hit a wall, so went outside to watch the hummingbirds.  Did some weeding - actually they are flowers which Lee planted among my roses which got out of hand.

Across the street neighbor came over to ask what the inspection had written me up for. I told him, and he was aghast - he says there's no reason to paint the house. Technically he's right, it was painted 3 years ago should be fine for at least 2 more. But I wanted to repaint it 3 years ago... OTOH he was written up for a couple of items which were new, and contradictory. So I told him about the state law against unilateral new rules, and went inside to print the page for him. He and his wife were on the porch, so when I gave him the paper, we chatted. They are pretty well stuck, no way can they afford to move, but no way do they want to put up with this petty bureaucracy. I hope they bring it up at the next neighborhood association meeting. It's on the night of my final class, I think.

Delivered by USPS (on a Sunday!) was a 40lb box with 6 litterbox cartridges.

Had lunch, duck & BBQ pork over rice. And the last of my Mexican popsicles.

Drove downtown, where all the Ingress portals were blue again. I had amassed a lot of weaponry on my trip to SJ the other day, and decided to use it. I was surprised that I was able to turn three portals green and link them. So for a while at least I owned the Sunnyvale CalTrain station.

Starbucks was the anti-eye candy store this afternoon, except for a few to-go orders and some people who took their stuff outside (it was about 90°) out of view. I pounded a lot on Python, but discovered that the work I had done at home was not on my USB drive - I could have sworn I'd copied it - which meant trying to re-invent some wheels, but somehow I could not find the web sites which had the answers I had found this morning.

Almost three hours passed.

Back to the plaza, where one more hacking session got me up-leveled. Which left me with a ton of that level's weapons, so I beat the blue out of three more portals over by the PO. Got them green.

Once again there was a free charging station when I parked, and my car was already fully charged, the car next to me was on the charger. There's a very politely worded sign above this particular (free) charger which asks that you unplug when you're fully charged, but it's okay to grab the connector from a fully charged car and put it on yours.

During the last week I managed to burn enough gas to be almost down to half a tank, so I'm fine with a free charge. I'll see if I get more miles per watt with half a tank less weight.

Stopped off at The French Store and got a SodaStream cartridge exchanged.

Dinner was home made mac and cheeses and sliced turkey dogs. That heated up the house some, but opening all the doors cooled it off quickly.

Watched some Olympic trials, was surprised and impressed that the short, stocky very white Oregon jock beat the two tall black guys by a couple of lengths in one of the hurdles. And there are few races more boring to watch than the women's 5,000 meter race, except maybe the 10,000. One woman tripped and fell in the middle of the pack, it was too crowded to see if she got her feet tangled with another runner, but it didn't look like it. Really enjoyed the women's pole vault. Very graceful, and all three finalists made the highest bar.

Back to Python, finally figured out the syntax for running a function in one program from another program. I had written a function which converts the generic time stamp to a more standard one. Since the beginning of Unix, the date command has ended with the year, which is backwards from the way It Should Be. And I wanted 12 hour with AM/PM tacked to the end. And I wanted to use that to time stamp a file. In theory, any program which logs to a file can call the time, formatted the way I want it, and use it. That took way too long because I was misreading the error codes. :-(

That's all working, so I'm done for the night.

One thing which made it take too long is Python is inconsistent in how it counts. Some things start at zero, others start at one. For a new language, there is no excuse for that crap.

Plans for tomorrow:
House painter at 10 am or thereabouts. I think I only want the trim painted - the main house looks fine. I'll see if we can do white, or light blue like my across the street neighbors (the wife says she hates hers. I like it).  Also need the carport steps redone.
Maybe I'll have time to fly the copter after
Could use a few more frozen meals & popsicles
Rehearsals all week. Dress on Friday, shows on Saturday and Sunday. I have the most obnoxious ear worm...

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