Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two-item day

First item was a visit by the paint-the-house estimator. Bottom line is the house will be bluebell blue with white trim. Currently it is two shades of blue-gray with brown trim. And the carport steps will match the porch carpet. And they will pull out the hedge and prepare the area for gardening.

The estimate is below what I had expected but higher than I had hoped for.

Tomorrow I'll get a date for the work to be done. Their first guess was within 10 days. It could get pushed out to the end of August if other jobs got in the way.l

The second item was rehearsals. The pan was to run the show, with small tweaks as needed. We didn't even get through Act II, because the director added major business. I wouldn't be as frustrated if he had his notes written down. He desperately needed an assistant to take down his notes, and hold him to them.

The music sounds fine.

Tomorrow we were suppose to run the show again, but it looks like we will only run the Act II finale and Act III, and maybe work back to the beginning but I'm not putting $$ on it.

In other news, I had a long chat with Cal, next door neighbor, who said he was spared most of the inspection write-up which should have been there because it had not been fixed from last year. He also was all WTF about my house needing painting. His wife gave me some peaches from their tree, and a Mexican mango store-bought because it was ripe and she had too many.

Called my Baltimore sister, who just survived a week at Yellowstone mostly with her husband. He took a couple of side trips to see minor league baseball games.

Went shopping at Lucky's for bananas and frozen dinners and Mexican popsicles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take the copter out
Maybe go to the beach (Half Moon Bay) and pick up a couple of gnat-eating plants on the way back.
Rehearsals at 7.

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