Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Signal Fail

Spook has re-started a habit of curling up past my feet when I go back to bed after my 6 am-ish potty break. It's progress of a sort.

Did not get the expected email from the house painter with the revised estimate, so after noon I packed a couple of sandwiches and a peach and headed for Half Moon Bay. It was going to be very hot in Sunnyvale, not so in HMB. Traffic was slower than usual for a weekday, but then I remembered it is summer. So not so much. The beach was packed, but there was a lot of turnover because there was a lot of mist, threatening to become onshore fog. As soon as I got to a picnic table, a humpback whale breached about 50 feet offshore (I was another 100 yards back). Which is when forgetful me remembered he forgot to bring his camera. No way I could get a photo with the cell phone. Too misty. I have a polarizer for the telephoto which would have worked. But the whale disappeared, and didn't come back again till I was halfway through the peach. This time on the other side of the beach, even less chance of a good shot.

Sprint had no signal, either voice or data, which was disappointing. I rebooted the phone, because that sometimes re-starts the signal, and it did just enough to see I had missed a call from the painters.

I wanted to hang around at the beach some more, after all it cost $9 to park, but it was more important to call him back, so I drove to the nearby Starbucks, checked to see if there was email (not from him) and phoned. He asked me to call back later, because he was driving and not able to get to his calendar.

Hung out at Starbucks for a while, played on the laptop, but wanted to head back before traffic got too bad. Stopped off at World's Rare Plants (which was part of Plan A) and bought a pair of butterworts. These have become my favorite gnat catchers because they work, and produce very pretty flowers on a long stem.

Traffic was fine until I got to 101, and when the diamond lanes stared near Redwood City I was happy to have the stickers to let me use them. Much faster, though there are always the idiots who have to cross 5 lanes at once to get there. And there are some section where even the HOV lane is at a standstill.

Got home around 4, did some Facebooking, and called the painters. We are on for next Tuesday, which will be power washing the house. Actual painting will come the next day. I'm going to suggest they do the hedge removal before, so they have easier access to the front wall.

And I am still waiting for the official estimate, but I have all the pieces, and told him when he came out that I can sign the contract when the crew comes out.

So that's a load off my mind. I just have to remember to close all the windows and bring in all the outdoor temperature sensors. And I need to move all the gardening tools from the rack that's screwed to the side of the house. And unscrew the rack. And there are some plants to move from the front to the rose garden.

Relaxed in front of the TV, watched PTI, napped a little.

Rehearsals were another mass time waster. Director was doing some blocking and nit picking which only included a handful of the chorus, being used as supernumeraries. IMHO that's all a Bad Idea™.  Once we got to actually singing, the vocal director and the conductor joined up to improve the opening number, almost. The plan was to slow it down enough so we could make the lyrics understandable. But after they did that, they sped it up again to where it had been, so back to square one. The more we repeat the lyrics, the better we'll get at it, but they are taking a couple of the numbers way too fast.

All of this will be hosed when we perform, because we won't be heard well over the orchestra, which will be onstage in front of us.

We started where we left off last night, then after a break we went back to the start of the show and got to the end of Act I by go-home time.

Beef merlot bowl dinner from Healthy Choice. I had not been buying their stuff for maybe the last year because I don't want the desserts. The bowls are dessert-free.

Haagen Dazs pomegranate/dark chocolate ice cream bar for dessert.

Took my new meds at midnight. Did not shoot up yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe fly the copter
Probably go to the Starbucks on Mary and maybe the one on El Camino to post El Capitan flyers. They are very attractive:

Grab the Python class slides to look at later

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