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Wednesday backdated

Forgot to journal.
Spent about an hour flying the copter, kept it mostly under control, got some video selfies from it. That's a challenge because the controls expect the camera to be pointed ahead of the copter, so pointing it toward me means turn left = joystick right and turn toward me = joystick away from me. I'm not that coordinated, or maybe it's just that I've been practicing doing it the other way, my reaction is usually wrong.

Late lunch was crab. Spook love crab, but this time she was Herself®, refusing to even come close enough to take pieces out of my hand, and when I tossed a few in her direction she just stared at me. When I got up to get a drink refill, the pieces were gone when I returned.

Put on CFL football for background noise.

Went to the library to post an El Capitan flyer, and do my job search on the laptop. Also got a packet of sunflower seeds, and took 5 empty packets which I will fill with Bee's Friend seeds. Posted a flyer at the batcave Starbucks. The next two *$s my GPS found were in Safeways, neither of those had bulletin boards.

Home, watched some PTI and more CFL and catnapped until it was time to go to rehearsals.

Good rehearsal, we started where we left off Tuesday, and then did the whole show. Somehow we finished by 10 despite the director fiddling with blocking.

Received the final estimate for the paint job/landscape/carport steps. Just under $4k. Called the brokerage and asked for a check for $5k. Need the extra to help pay a credit card.

Mailed a zoom lens to Baltimore sister, who is an excellent photographer and finally got tired of carrying around two lenses.

Chatted with angry neighbors. Everyone is pissed off about the park's inconsistent, unpredictable inspection write-ups and the manager's insipid and flippant attitude.

Plans for tomorrow:
Some prep for the painting
Downtown Starbucks/Ingress
Rehearsal with orchestra. 

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