Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Drugs are working

The drugs I've been taking this week are working. One is TMI but the other had majorly lowered my BP, probably too much. Actually, it's probably the two combined.

Spook this morning curled up in a cat tree platform next to the bedroom window, first time she has done this. The tree has been there about a year.

Slept in.

Late breakfast of blueberries & HB egg.

Downtown Starbucks. The flyer was gone. It looks like they removed a few to draw some art, which has since been erased. I did not have a replacement on me. Pissed me off. Local event, non-profit at a high school. They left some less qualified flyers up.

Captured some portals on my way back to the car, but did not have enough stuff to make links for all of them.

Home, for the 45 minutes before go-to-rehearsal time. I could have gone from downtown, but (a) was dragging and (b) didn't want to be too early.

Good rehearsal with the orchestra, but they really needed to open the rear delivery doors after sundown. It was sweltering in there with 70 people.

Took my stand home and put it back in the shed. We move to the theater tomorrow, and they will have stands for us.

Dinner was a small Marie Calendar beef pot pie. I usually buy the big ones, but Lucky's was sold out. Strawberry popsicle and chocolate milk for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not sure about the day.
Dress rehearsal at about 7 pm
Downbeat at 8

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