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Dress Rehearsal sort of

The morning was lazy, one highlight is a friend who used to be a QA guy at a company where I was tech support asked me for my resume because his current company, where he is a sysadmin, has a QA opening which needs video expertise. Yay. Well known multi-national which makes quality products.

Also got a call from the recruiter who is trying to get me a contract at Nest, which is now Google. Just to tell me she hasn't heard back, but it's still an active application.

And an idiot Indian recruiter with a local area code left voicemail complaining that he hasn't heard back from me about a contract opportunity in Maryland. This after hearing my voicemail message which specifically says I'm only looking in Silicon Valley.

Did some gardening. On the carport strip I have two salvia plants which started out identical, but one is growing like gangbusters, while the other is just holding its own. My theory is it is too close to the edge, so I moved it a couple of feet away from the cement. It had quite a significant tap root, but as I expected, it was jammed against the concrete.

The rest of the work was up front, in preparation for the hedge being pulled out and replaced with topsoil. Moved a rose and two salvia plants to the rose garden, which I had prepared a couple of months ago with layers of mulch and compost. The rose bush had been in the rose garden before, but was not doing well. It did better after it was moved, I hope it recovered enough to make it among the other roses.

That required a lot of time in the recliner in front of the fan.

But I wasn't done with chores. The kitchen floor was a mess, so I Swiffered it. Spook is freaked out by the Swiffer.

Speaking of the insane cat, she is back to loving the quilt again. But despite that, a slight move in her direction and she jumped onto the cat tree platform, and curled up there until I was done reading, 2 hours later.

Did some homework, decided it would be better to do it at Specialty's, where there may be a view. And I had a late lunch there as well. Close to home, hardly used any battery at all.

Drove to dress rehearsal and got there (local high school) at about 6:15 for a 6:30 call. Had to walk back to get my water bottle. The parking lot is 2 city blocks from the theater. I would have parked in the closer lot, but there was some sports event taking up most of the spaces.

There were two immediate FAILs. FAIL the first: the "riser" which I am on is a section of platform which is not flush with the ground and bounces when walked upon. It is also not wide enough - we are squeezed in very tight - and there is nothing to keep us from falling off the back.

FAIL the second is the music stands are not lubed, so it takes way more power to raise and lower them than most of us can muster, especially since they are on the floor and we are a foot higher on those platforms.

Both of these are major, because we stand and sit about 17 times, and we also march in place and have a lot of hand gestures for the songs. I got a little seasick from the give which the platforms have.

The orchestra is also squeezed in a lot more than expected. And contrary to what we were told by the staff, there is no place for instrument cases.

It's a very good show, the chorus sounds great. Two of the three women leads are excellent, the third has a beautiful voice but can't project. The leading man is amazing, both singing and comic timing. None of the other male leads (there are 4 of them) are up to par. One has a voice which sounds like he's mumbling, but he isn't. I think he is trying to sound like an operatic baritone, when he isn't one. One is singing way above his range. A shame, I have been in shows with him and he is wonderful when he's cast in the right range. He's a fine actor, though. The third keeps forgetting his lines and loses his place (he's allowed to carry the score, but he doesn't know how to stay current). The fourth has no singing voice, and has zero comic timing or awareness, which is a shame because he's the comic relief. All of these people are very pleasant fellows offstage, which goes a long way in my book.

The one somewhat attractive young chorister has apparently dropped out without a trace. I think I found her on Facebook being in LA. We have two female tenors, it looks like one of them has dropped out, respiratory issues, blame the air pollution from the fires. She's playing one of the sentries. The other one is on the cast list as "Firefly" no last name. She look like a shotputter or discus thrower. Large, but not out of shape. Thursday she wore a T-shirt with David Tenant's portrait on it in front of Whovian bad guys.

I think this will be it for me and Lyric Theater. They always manage to eff up a show, and while this has been no exception, it's not a show I am ashamed to be associated with.

We were done at 10:30, and should have been sent home, but the director insisted on giving notes, competing with the orchestra which refused to stop making noises on their instruments.

Home, frozen dinner & an ice cream bar.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the library for a talk on downsizing for retirement
If I go I'll drop off some seed packets
Fedex, re-print the last number from the score. My inkjet print got wet and is a mess.
Highlight my part on the newly printed pages
Cast call at 6:50 for an 8 pm show

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