Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Took a nap

It was a good night, slept well and Spook spent a lot of it curled up in the cat tree next to the bed. She joined me on the bed when I started reading - she seems to think the tablet is her cue.

Got to the library in plenty of time to drop off the seed packets and attend the "rightsizing/ditching your stuff" talks.

The realtor who did the downsizing presentation was an excellent presenter, had pretty and easy to read slides, and did a good job of encouraging us to use his services. He was followed by a woman whose company will take your stuff and estate sale it. She also did a good job, though she didn't say what happens if your stuff doesn't sell.

The second half was inept, a woman whose company will de-clutter your space, and other things which were not clearly explained. Her slides were ugly and too small to read. Her talk was scattered.

From there went to Fedex Office to reprint the finale of El Capitan. The book got wet, and those pages had been done on my inkjet, so they smeared. The GPS thought the nearest one was 15 miles away, Googl4e maps sent me to a UPS store, so I finally went to the one in the Mercado I know.

While I was nearby I stopped in a Wal-Mart grocery and got some milk and popsicles. And eggs.

Home, took care of online stuff, caught up on Tivo, then took a nap. Spook curled up in the cat tree again.

Changed into my pit blacks and went to the theater for opening night.

We had a really sharp audience, they got the convoluted plot, loved the jokes, and have us huge ovations at each act's finale. The guy voted most likely to forget his lines forgot an entrance. He shouted his line from backstage, and ran downstage to deliver the dispatch. He was greatly teased later.

It was nice to see BASFA friends, Gerry Nordley and his wife, Gayle Wiesner, and Bill L & Carole not L. Also some Lyric Theatre friends.

Home at about 11, Hgl was 79, so minimal pre-dinner insulin. Dinner was Marie Calendar roast chicken. Yummy. And a popsicle.

No snailmail today. Alarming because the check from my broker was due yesterday.

Watered all the plants inside and out. Pulled up the Thai spirit house, it will go back after the hedge is removed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much in the morning. 2 pm show.
Probably will go across the street after to Jake's for pizza. The cast party is back at the rehearsal warehouse, way out of my way, and about as appealing as having a cast party in a warehouse.

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