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Aprés Pizza

So today went like this:

Slept till 6:30, no potty breaks needed. This is a major win for new meds.

Spook took my place on the bed when I left it.

Got dressed in Hawaiian shirt & cutoffs so I could go to the park community hall to drop off the rent. It is due tomorrow - they were a week late billing us. Their excuse will probably be that all the rents went up this month (it's in the lease, every August, 6% raise). But that would be an excuse because it never delayed them before.

Back home, had breakfast, checked email and RSS feeds and backups. Changed into my blacks, and headed for the theater at about 1pm for a 2 pm show. There was plenty of parking, and I was early, compared to the rest of the cast & orchestra. The call for a concert version (no makeup or costumes or sets) doesn't need to be any earlier than 15 minutes before.

I was going to put my thoughts about the experience on FB, but that's too public. So...
From the start this was a mess. I saw an audition notice in FB's Bay Area auditions page, not on the theater's site or their mailing list. I emailed the director, whom I know, and asked if he could use another bass. He replied with a warm welcome. And followed it with an interrogation about some rumors he had heard when he passed my name to the staff. One of the rumors was I leave shows on short notice. That was not a rumor, it was something I had done, but he was there, he should have recognized that I left because the choreographer went ballistic on me for no reason. She left the show too. The other was that I 'wander off the notes, sometimes even dropping down an octave'. This made me laugh and scream at the same time, because those are not related. I am on-key all the time, and it is SOP for any singer to drop down an octave if the notes are out of range. Director teaches music, has been onstage as a singer for decades, he should never have even written that line. And he wanted me to skip class for the last Wednesday rehearsal because they were going to teach the chorus the choreography that night.

My reply addressed the first two items, hinted at the last. I assumed they would take my response as covering that, but the vocal director emailed to get my promise. Which I gave.

So finally I was allowed to join.

At the first rehearsal, the vocal director said that if something was out of range, to ask before dropping it an octave. The one time I asked he said no. He told us to just lip sync in those cases, which I did.

Early on the director started giving us "chorusography". Hand gestures, and some marching in place. By the time the final Wednesday rolled around we were doing run-throughs and I could easily have missed that. It was an important class (I get the class slides the afternoon of the class). But I went to rehearsal because I had promised.

At all the rehearsals, the director did The Right Thing of measuring the area to match what we would have on stage. It was too small for the number of people in the chorus. Nothing was done about this.

When we got to the theater, I found myself seated at the end of a shaky platform, 2" from the right edge and about 4" from the back. There was nothing to stop the chairs from toppling backward. The music stands were on the floor, so could not be raised high enough for when we were standing and singing. The stands were not lubed and did not raise easily, so we just kept them up all the way. And then they turned on rows of hot Fresnel lamps on us, all the way up. It's summer, we're in all black. Not just the heat, but the glare was horrible.

Some good news: the orchestra was superb, so was the conductor.  The leading man around whom the plot revolves was a joy to behold. Two of the three female leads were as well. One did not project well and stepped on all the laugh lines.

Collectively, the music is wonderful. The bass line, however, is not what one would expect from the man after whom the Sousaphone is named. It reached well into the tenor range often, and was all over the map. In his band arrangements, his basses and baritones mostly do runs up and down when they are not on the same line,  they don't do octave leaps every 3 notes.

In short,  I signed up for a simple stand-and-sing concert version of Sousa music, but what I got was very different. I'm done with Lyric Theatre.

The audiences loved the show, which is what counts most. Many friends showed up.

We took cast photos after the audience was gone, and everything was fine until they wanted us to squeeze in more. I had to hold my breath because the woman they shoved me next to had serious hygiene issues.

The cast party was going to be back at the warehouse, way out of my way. My plan was to go to Jake's across the street for pizza, but I really wanted to change clothes, so I went home, changed, and went to the nearest Round Table for pizza. Was going to go to the nearby Boardwalk for a shake, but having discovered the best recipe for an egg cream,  I went home and made one of those instead.

Took out the garbage, watered the gardens.

Filled out the online biweekly unemployment $$ request

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting a call from the painters about Tuesday's work
Expecting $ from my broker
The usual job search routine
Bring the temperature sensors inside. There may be other stuff to move, but I'll leave that to the crew.
Starbucks? Ingress?

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