Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy Monday

Lots of work done in prep for tomorrow's house washing:

  • Photographed all around the house, with close-ups of some of the warped and rotted trim
  • Moved four lamps from the corners of the front strip to the rose garden & the mailbox plot
  • Took all the plants indoors from the porch:

    • Two Thai lime trees
    • A bay laurel sapling
    • One non-hanging fuchsia in a hanging basket
    • A small basket of dying succulents hanging way up on the wall

  • Labeled and brought inside three temperature sensors

    • Livingroom
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen

  • Disconnected the hose from the carport faucet to the other side of the house & relocated it away from the house
  • Switched off the air conditioner and covered the outdoor fan module
  • Took all the old paint cans out of the shed for removal
  • Moved the potted orange sapling from in front of the shed to the side
  • Moved the potted star jasmine sapling from the hedge strip to the other side of the carport
  • Tossed out three FAILed hanging baskets from the rack by the side of the house
  • Moved the rack to the area behind the house by the tomatoes
  • Moved the garbage bins to the non-house side of the carport
  • Took down the car charger and put it in its holder under the driver's seat (after fully charging the car)

There is still a pair of rocking chairs and a small table on the porch. I'll let the crew figure out where to put those. They can also deal with the three hoses front left-right and carport rear.

It wasn't done all at once. My first chore of the morning was to drive to the office and drop off the rent check.

After doing the plants, I went downtown, captured back a few portals, then went to Starbucks which was unusually crowded. The only free table turned out to be facing my favorite eye candy regular. I did some homework, ad hoc because the slides did not do a good job of explaining regular expressions. I fond a tutorial which did only a slightly better job. Turns out regular expressions in Python are an afterthought, and suck. The syntax is "powerful," which is programmer jargon for "way too complicated". It took me an hour of trial and error to figure out the very clear examples online. And I still have to figure out how to create readable output.

Prolific Oven on the way back to the car, got a slice of "Lady Baltimore" cake and a cream puff to go.

Home without succumbing to more Ingress, partly because there were so many Pokemon Go gangs hanging out in the area.

Dinner was some of the beer battered chicken wings from the freezer and veggies. The wings smelled like beer. Go figure. Very tasty, though. Dessert was 1/4 of the Lady Baltimore cake. It was stale, so 3/4 was disposalled. Very disappointing for that overpriced shop. Recovered from the heartbreak with an ice cream bar - my last one.

No word by 5:30 from the paint crew. I texted the main man, he texted back that they will be there some time tomorrow, he will be too. I hope he brings the contract.

In other news, I scanned in the personnel parts of the El Capitan program, and posted it in the FB album I have for that purpose. Got some nice words from friends who did not know I had that collection.

At the rent drop there was a fresh set of transit schedules, and a new one (to me) of a bus from the San Jose station to Monterey. $6 one way for seniors. I may try that this week. The bad news is they don't take the clipper card, as it is a Monterey County Transit adventure. It's been too long since I've taken the camera there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang tight and wait for the paint crew
Fake it from there


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