Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Massively wasted afternoon

The morning was okay, got up & dressed by 9, just in case the crew showed up early. Got a call from my WA sister, who wasn't clear whether I was clear that she & her husband were planning on visiting me in September, and the bike event he had sent me an invitation to was not the main reason for them to be in CA. Because he chose a race way the hell up in Marin, on some treacherous roads.

He is quite a phenom. In his 20's he had a rare form or cancer, and sis married him in part because that was the only way she could be with him in the hospital and co-workers could share their vacation time with her. He had been a co-worker when she first started there. At wedding time, the prognosis was 6 months to live. He was already on full disability. He's half a year older than me, but in the last year he has been participating in a lot of bicycle races. 40-50 miles or more.

While we were chatting, the fellow in charge of the paint project parked across the street, so I went onto the porch to wait. His crew chief pulled in about 10 minutes later. They did a walk around the house, I moved my car to one of the rare spaces at the end of the block and walked back, got introduced, and went inside while the crew chief power-washed the house. I watched some of it from the computer desk. Spook was spooked, and headed for the guest room closet.

It only took about half an hour, and crew chief told me they would let it dry, and be back Thursday 8-9 am to caulk & paint.

Walking around the house later, the washing really showed how crappy the paint job was that the previous owner had done.

I did the usual online job hunt, there were a couple of shot-in-the-dark openings to apply for but no matches. Very depressing after 5 full months.

The check from the broker arrived, I was able to deposit it via cell phone. Paid off my credit card, but that was just to have the painting cost covered. So now it has a $1150 balance. :-(

Also delivered was my 3-month supply of regular insulin. In a foam padded envelope with cold packs. Still waiting on test strips.

Spent most of the afternoon in bed following Youtube videos from one thing to the next. Bored bored bored.

Got up to watch some Tivo, thought about going to see a movie, but I was too late for all but the 9 pm shows. Decided to spare the air and not drive anywhere.

Dinner was Healthy Choice chicken slab, potato chunks and corn and something made from cherries which was A Mistake®. I keep forgetting what cherries do to my insides. But I always remember how good they taste. Mango popsicle for dessert.

FB has presented a dilemma the last couple of days. Someone I saw and admired in a recent theater performance (not one I was in) last week sent me a friend request, so I accepted. And then she starts "vagueposting" about how she is broken and sorry and getting help and lost a friend, and there were enough hints in them to know (but not beyond a reasonable doubt) that she had been dumped by a person in the show. An FB search showed they are not FB friends, and he has posted a lot of memes which correspond with what a person would post who is justifying ending a relationship. 

So I send her virtual hugs and hearts ♥♥ and wish I knew her better because I would love to give her real hugs because (a) she's a Babe™ and (b) a talented actress & singer, and (c) I feel bad to see someone with so much going for her let a heartbreak make her question everything about herself.

It's pretty common among actresses.

Pulled myself away from FB and did some Python programming. I finally achieved what I had set out to do, but it took some cheating, because Python can't do it the right way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Python class (the last one)

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