Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slow Going

Woke up at 6:30 after a good night's sleep. Crew chief showed up at about 9:30, by himself again. They are way behind getting the job done, should have been three or four workers, not just one in the morning and two in a short afternoon.

Got bored early, by 11 I was at Yamagami's nursery, walking through acres of flowers & trees. It's one of the oldest ones in the area, and what I'm looking for is easy to find, it's the stuff in the sun. I found a few new to me bee-friendly sun-loving plants, but not the hyssop or bee balm my sister suggested. Apparently those are not well known in CA. Had a long chat with one of the employees, who suggested a plant I had managed to kill in the past, but that was before I was using compost/mulch. Also had a long chat with a pretty woman who was buying herbs and strawberry plants for a tiny garden at her apartment which she is only in town a fews days a month to tend. Very married, darn it.

A block away, SummerWinds has built a nursery. They used to be my go-to place until they moved out of Sunnyvale. Very different experience.l Smaller spread, most of the plants are small, staff is hard to find and not forthcoming.

Went to MV for a BP check, but first I found a place to plug in my car in the underground lot below city hall. I was early, so I had a soda & a piece of banana bread at the local cafe. I should have taken a seat outside, because the inside seat did not have a very good view of the outdoor yoga class on the plaza. That is just plain weird. Public place, cement floor, at least there was some shade from a big tree.

The routine for the BP check is to wait for 10 minutes in the waiting room, allegedly to relax. I read from my Kindle app.

BP was way low (for me), a result of two drugs. I really don't like it that low, it makes me dizzy when I stand up - not always, but more than before. 113/57. Last time I looked 120/70 was the goal. The form they wrote it on says 80/50 is 911 time.

Home, there was a second car parked in front of the house. I parked in the spot at the end of the block, and walked back to find the crew chief and his one man crew chatting while "crew" ate a burger. 2:30 pm.

They left before 4.

Not much progress. They caulked 3/4 of the house, painted some of the trim in the back, but it's going to need more coats. Supervisor called to let me know the carport steps would not be done till Monday at the earliest because he had to special order the carpet. BS, because they installed the same carpet last year on the porch, he should have had it in hand two weeks ago.

Calls from two different people tag-teaming at the same contract agency, setting up a phone interview with Amazon's Alexa group manager for Tuesday. This is a contract version of the same job I have been trying to get in full-time for months, but they wanted a programmer. I think I have enough Python now to get in. Maybe. One said he would send an NDA, but didn't. Maybe Monday.

Dinner was another Marie Calendar roast chicken. Yummy. Mango Popsicle and some grapes.

My plan to take the bus to Monterey went away when I saw that the schedule is ridiculous. The last bus leaves Monterey at 3:15. Not nearly late enough to make it worth the trip. Maybe stay overnight? Motels start at $110. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
After the "crew" shows up, drive to the county fair, take pictures, have fun, eat junk.

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