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Oh Look, I started a journal post and then got distracted

An eventful but boring day. Not so boring afternoon. Disappointing evening.

So here it is Sunday, and being as the paint crew is a pair of Hispanics, I was expecting them to take the day off. Imagine my surprise when my alarm went off at 7:30 am and they were already here. And they were masking the windows. I got up, showered, dressed and yelled at the crew chief - through the masked carport door - that I had told him not to start when my car was in the driveway. I had to go out the front door and around the house to the car because he had pulled the steps away from the side of the house. :-(

Unplugged and moved the car. Had to ditch my plans to go anywhere because they were going to need the doors open to paint them, and also needed to use the facilities because they would be here all day.

I mostly played on Facebook, eBay and Amazon, and read a lot of the latest Kindle book, Quantum Tangle (Targon Tales - Sethran Book 1) by Chris Reher. Other than a few typos and cut & paste errors, it's well written, has a fairly novel hook, but I'm at the point where I'm not sure if he can sustain the conceit. Or some word like that, used to describe a plot arc.

Since I had told Janice that I was not going to the museum, we rescheduled our 5:45 coffee klatch to 5, and I was hoping the crew would be gone by 4:30 so I could get there in time. They were almost done, so I walked to my car. By the time I was driving past the house, they were getting into their car.

They did a good job, only minor fixable mistakes. The house looks way more cheerful. There is still work to be done, the front strip needs to be cleaned up and more soil laid down. The carport steps need to be re-carpeted. Lots of trash has to be hauled away and their ladders and tools are still parked behind the house.  I have no idea what time they will show up tomorrow, but I think I will relocate the car tonight since it is fully charged.

Got to MV 10 minutes early, Janice gave me a USB drive with videos from her Fiji trip to make into DVDs. She said she will take care of the photos herself, a sale at WalMart or WalGreens or somewall like that. Bottom line is she had a much better time than expected, the two girls she took with her enjoyed it very much, the village she adopted is recovering from the cyclone now that the gummint has pulled its head out of its butt. Apparently the villagers were given debit cards for the local Home Depot-like store. By this time next year she expects her hostess to have a real bathroom and kitchen.

J has been trying geocaching, and not doing very well, not finding anything at the places she has been going to with one of her other friends. So we found a cache on her app which was across the street, clearly near the Tesla chargers by the Computer History Museum. Long story short, the GPS in the app was inconsistent, and the jerk who wrote the most descriptive notes for the cache was lying, but with some reverse engineering and the one hint on the app, I was able to find it in a couple of minutes, after J had got all turned around. Interesting collection of stuff, apparently the little box has been there since 2004. J wrote a note on the page of notes, and I put my bizcard in.

Home, was expecting to see the NFL Hall of Fame Game, which I'd programmed the Tivo Bolt to record. But instead there was nothing. Totally riled, because this was the third time with two different units that something scheduled was not recorded, I pulled the bolt out, grabbed the Roamio from the bedroom and put it where the Bolt had been, and took the old model 3 from the bedroom floor, put the cable card from the Bolt in it and hooked it back up in the bedroom.

The Roamio claimed to have the game recorded, and the info was correct on the title, but the actual content was ESPN's Spanish language channel broadcasting a soccer match.


So I gave up on that, did some Facebooking, and then remembered I had to update the software and listings on the Model 3. That took a while, but when it came up for air, it was on ESPN, which was filling time where the Hall Of Fame Game repeat was supposed to be, with shots showing the two teams leaving the sidelines, the game had been canceled on account of the field not being in good condition. I guess they were channeling Rio. :-(

So it wasn't just the Bolt. But still, it should have recorded the time slot, so it is history. I need to cancel the automatic renewal of its subscription, and when it runs out in a  couple of months deactivate it and sell it on eBay. I got it for the 4K support, but it FAILs at that too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on what time the crew shows up, and more on when they wrap up. If they are done in time, I may go to a class at NOVA at 1:30.


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