Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What A Waste

Last night at about 11:30 the car was charged so I unplugged it and drove it to the end of the block and parked it in one of the two spaces there. Walked back, went to bed.

I was expecting the "crew" to show up early to get their stuff and clean up their mess, and finish the ex-hedge project. Also expected someone to replace the carpet on the carport steps.

I should have just gone to NOVA for that class. Turned out that the carpet guy was not the one who had done the porch last year, and he didn't show up till after noon. He was incredibly slow, his girlfriend was with him. She mostly stayed in the pickup or hung out on the driveway with her earbuds plugged in. Sometimes she helped a little. At about 2 they were gone, the steps were not even close to being done. They came back in a couple of hours. Meanwhile I called the main boss to let him know I didn't want the weed barrier on the front plot, just garden soil.

Crew boss finally showed up around 4, picked up most of his stuff, left all of my things out on the driveway which had been behind the house, left the garden hoses twisted up, and there was a coffee cup and an empty water bottle to recycle. He didn't add much soil - it looked like three bags of Miracle Grow in the garbage bin. That's about 1/4 of what I expected.

Big boss said he would stop by, but he didn't. Maybe tomorrow.

After crew boss left, I refilled the hummingbird feeders and hung them up (I had to move one of the hangers, which he had put in the wrong place), took the Thai lime trees back onto the porch along with the bay laurel and fuchsia. Untangled the three hoses, had to tighten the connections because he had half-assed them back in place.

Most of the day I was on the computer, making DVDs for Janice.  Some of her photos are excellent, most of the videos are not. When I went to print the DVDs, there was about half an hour of panic as I could not find the tray needed to feed the disks into the printer. I finally found it leaning up against the VCR, where I had put it because that is a natural place for it. The VCR is right next to the printer.

Accomplished was 5 copies each of 500+ photos and one video made from 26 short clips.

Spook came out of hiding a few times, but she is seriously freaked out. There has been a lot of noise, and my routine was total chaos.

In employment news, the contract company which I told to have Amazon call me tomorrow at 11 called, asking what times I was available for a call from Amazon. I HATE these tag teams. So I told him tomorrow at 11 is good, but they can call whenever.

And my buddy L came through, email from his HR person asking when she can call and chat about opportunities at his place. Yay! L is one of the rare people with whom I worked twice (he survived a huge layoff which I did not, but I was hired back many moons later). I went to Bend, OR to see him get married. Very romantic story I have told previously.

Had a nice chat with the woman who lives kitty corner. My paint job is the reverse of hers. New info, she met her husband in beauty school. She ran a hair parlor, but he proved to be allergic to women's chatter, so went another route.

Delivered by special mail truck was a 2016 Philly Eagles cheerleader calendar found on eBay. They are lovely, the photography is excellent, and it's a January-December calendar, not a football season to football season calendar. So I looked through the months I have missed and April is on display. Next to the Seahawks cheerleaders' August who is very pretty.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for phone call till 11:30.
Yamagami's nursery for plants.
Verizon store to get a printout of my final bill
Sprint to see about a refund for the termination fee


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