Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Kind of Pretended it was a work day

I hate to change clothes in the middle of the day, so this happened.

I woke up with the alarm at 7:30, but since I had nothing on the agenda in the morning I read in bed and finally got up at around 8:30. Put on my dress pants & a dress shirt. The pants are what I bought for the chorus gig, and the shirt is one of the ones I would normally wear to work.

Had my usual banana and HB egg while checking email & the web.

Watched some Rio happenings. The women who are on the USA water polo team are mostly built like weight lifters, so maybe the choice of a thong leotard wasn't the most flattering (or comfortable). In a short time they were up 4-0 against Brazil, who were apparently only in the game because they are the home team. Their goalie was totally out of her depth.

Watched Andy Murray meeting a formidable opponent for the gold match, but it was clearly brain vs. brawn, which was kind of boring.

Went onto the porch and read. And saw that next door neighbor is having something major done to her house. The workers painted vertical stripes all over and dotted them with black spray or sponged dabs. Maybe they will be applying siding? All work had stopped by 1 pm, and the crew was on her porch with a small microwave, chatting and eating and no more work was done.

Made myself a light lunch, PNB sandwich, cola & a popsicle.

The HR person from Hitachi called, confirming a phone interview with an engineer for Thursday morning.

There was email from AT&T that there was an issue with my phone order, so I called the number, and spent half an hour on the phone with a child who did not want to tell me there was some sort of credit issue. I finally gave up. I had paid for the phone in full, there was no reason for them to do a major credit check. Called Chase, confirmed that the charge for the phone was still marked as pending. I have to wait for them to either cancel or process the order. If they send me a phone I'll return it and dispute the charge.

Left at 2:30 for my 3:30 interview, was surprised that even with the 5-minute wait at the Intersection From Hell, it only took 8 minutes to get there. Found a parking spot in the shade and listened to the radio. As I waited, a recruiter said a company I'd applied for wants to do a phone screen, this is for a full time job with benefits, also close to home. So I gave him some possible times to call tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

The contract agency gave me the wrong building to check into, but that wasn't a problem, especially since I was so early. I waited in the lobby which has a very strange arrangement of sofas, swivel chairs and table and chair pairs. Reminded me of the karaoke bar which seemed designed to keep groups of people from sitting together.

It was a 2-part interview in a meeting room on the 6th floor overlooking Moffett Field from the back. Guardian Angels hanger, Air National Guard, hangers 2 & 3 to the right, hangar one all the way on the other side. First part was the hiring manager and the project leader. Project leader is young, didn't really know how to ask interview q's, but manager helped lead him in the right direction and had some of his own. Due to the nature of new products, a lot of the questions were vague, and called for non-specific answers. Tag team, one engineer came in while those two left. This guy has been in the business exactly as long as I have, and we worked with the same people over the course of it. This gives me hope, because it says this is a good fit for me.

The significant gotcha is this is a contract job, no benefits. May or may not lead to full time employment. The other two jobs are full time, benefits. The Hitachi job is also new products in video, but in the next town over (only a few blocks from my last job). The other is new products in POS terminals with start-up perks, very close to home, but not as good a match for my skills.

And I continue to look, because there is no bird in hand. Except in Pennsylvania.  Click here  

Home, plugged in the car even though it only needed half an hour of juice. Took a long hard look at the front garden. The bees have discovered all the flowering plants. One Thai basil looks like it might not make it. One looks fine, the third is also iffy. Everything else looks healthy.  I may need to move the one basil over to where there is more compost and less hedge roots. And I'm thinking I should make some real compost from the dry stuff they have at the dump. It needs more organics, things like coffee grounds, banana peels, apple cores.

Dinner was stouffer's lasagna & the last piece of black forest cake.

Watched some hurdlers, and some of the news from Louisiana. It's wet there again. And Lake County is on fire again.

On a whim, went online and looked for Samsung galaxy 7 phones, and found unlocked refurbs for $300 less than what AT&T was charging. So I ordered one, and will get an AT&T sim for it when it arrives. Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping.

Watching the Rio doings, a new ad with a beautiful blonde playing piano and working in the Nationwide jingle. Much easier on both the eyes and ears than that broken QB. Did not recognize the name, so looked her up. Rachel Platten. Surprised to discover she is the one responsible for the simple-minded tune Fight Song and some other catchy ones, so I ordered her latest CD. I don't know why I thought Fight Song was sung by an African-American.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual.
Maybe fly the copter
Transplant the basil

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