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Running out of ideas

Another 6:30 am wake-up, this time I picked up the tablet, installed the Amtrak app, and looked to see if I was supposed to be on a train this morning. And then realized it was a dream, a very vivid one, where Amtrak had sent reminder email that I had a reservation for today. I think it was Reno, or Sacramento (all trains to Reno go through Sacto), and it may have been a San Jose or Emeryville departure. The dream was so realistic I was still in a panic about being late for the train until I checked the app. Nope, no reservations.

I've been wanting a train ride for weeks, though. Had I not lost my job back in March, I would have just taken a train to Kansas City for Worldcon. :-(

That crisis averted, it also sealed the fate of the old Asus tablet I was trying to use. I have a small pile of tablets which were retired for various reasons. The Asus was a precursor to the Google Nexus. It rebooted three times while I attempted to install the Amtrak app. It crashes when  I try to run Firefox or Ingress. Also, the Chrome and no-name built-in browsers lock up when playing videos.

So after I did my morning stuff, I wiped the Asus and put it back in the pile. It will be recycled because it is not donate-able.

First thing was to walk to the community center and vote. Sunnyvale held a special election just to vote between three candidates for one city council seat. I voted for the ecologist. At 9 pm with 77% of the precincts reporting, my guy was second, with half the votes of the first place guy, whom I have seen in inaction at planning commission meetings and wouldn't vote for him for any job requiring decision-making. Sigh.

Later in the day I tried out all the other tablets:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Very slow, mostly a Kindle replacement.  May not run the latest OS or apps
HiSense Sero 7: Just bought this for cheap on eBay. It's too wide and heavy.
Nexus 7 with SIM (wireless data) slot: The USB port is defective, and has not been charging well even on the inductive charger
Nexus 7 wi-fi only: The USB port is defective, and has not been charging well even on the inductive charger
NVidia Shield 8": what I am currently using but will be selling Real Soon Now because it's designed for gamers, which I am not one of, and is too big & heavy. It's also incredibly slow on routine apps (apparently games have been optimized for this tablet)

Found a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" used/new one on eBay for cheap, and bought it. His story is he was given it as a gift but he's an Applehead. That's basically a current version of the Tab 4.

11 am phone screen from an engineer at Clover. This is a start-up, it's a full time employee position with great benefits, and it's almost as close to home as Amazon. There's no video component, but there's also no or very minor automation coding. He asked good questions, but sidestepped my "what's the time frame for hiring" question. Not too surprising because this came to me via a headhunter, which means Clover will have to pay extra to hire me.
Lunch was a "check the big freezer" adventure. Got out the steamer and made ha gow and shrimp wontons. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.
Watched some Olympics, and yesterday's PTI and went out on the porch to read but it was chilly and too windy.

Hung around being bored, finally hopped in the car and drove out to Baylands Park, set up the camp chair and read. Very few copters, zero picnics. If there was a strong economy, that place would have a couple of picnics a day. Especially in the summer.

Home, watched today's PTI, some Olympics, some news (Louisiana is under water, Lake County is on fire). Lake County is especially sad news because my friends who used to live in Space 1 here moved up there just in time for last year's devastating fires. And along with this year's news came an announcement that last year's fires were set by a former prison-trained volunteer fireman. And of course they are convicting him on TV, plastering his name and many photos of him all over the screen, so there is no way he will get a fair trial. This is especially horrible when all the evidence is circumstantial, as the hard evidence went up in smoke.

In other local news, my 102.5-year-old next door neighbor's house is being painted. Grey. About the same medium tone as the trim on the house on the other side of me. She is keeping the trim white, though. This crew is four guys, they work from 8 am to noon, take 2 hours on the porch with a microwave to have lunch and play cards and listen to Bad Mexican Music, and then coast till about 3 or 3:30. They will probably be done tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take a train ride.

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