Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day of Great Events™

Event the first: 11 am the scheduled gas meter replacement took place right on time. Nothing exploded. No one caught fire. The gas stove and water heater work.

Event the second: USPS package delivery brought me (2 days sooner than expected) the new, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and (right on time) Rachel Platten's CD Wildfire.

Event the third: After much hunting on the Wall of SIMs at Fry's I found a $10 packet to turn my new phone into an AT&T prepaid phone

Event the 4th: Got some cash from the ATM

Event the 5th: Had a manicure. Paid for it with some of the cash from Event the 4th.

Event the 6th: Home, installed the SIM into the phone, obtained a new phone number in my area code, transferred all the data & photos & videos from the HTC phone. Google restored a lot of the apps. Had to manually backup from HTC and restore to the Samsung my email and webcam data.

Event the 7th: Drove to the Mercado, had a mocha and read from another new free book.

Event the 8th: Shopped at Wal*Mart grocery, stocked up on frozen dinners. There were about 20 lanes marked "Self check-out" but the women in front of me and to my left were much more worth checking out.

Event the 9th: Received a bill for my Kaiser monthly premium. Went online to double-check that auto-pay was set up. They really need to note that on the bill. But not covered by that was a fee for a lab test from last week, which I paid.

Event the 10th: Made hard boiled eggs from a dozen of the 18 bought at Wal*Mart. The secret of not overcooking: Bring the kitchen timer into the computer room so I hear when it goes off.

Event the 11th: Online registered my new phone # for an AT&T no-contract prepaid plan with autopay.

The plan is to take both phones out to HMB and compare signals. If AT&T does better than Sprint as I expect, I'll start sending email that I've changed numbers, and print new business cards. 

Lunch today was herring in sour cream, muenster cheese slices and cola.

Dinner was one of the ones I bought at Wal*Mart - Marie C's Mongolian beef. B&J's Empower Mint ice cream for dessert. Not nearly as good as their chocolate fudge brownie.

Watched some Olympics. Watched some of CNN's highly adversarial town hall meeting with Jill Stein and her VP running mate. WTF are they doing scheduling it for midnight-1:30 am Eastern? And of course they followed it with sound bytes from Hollery.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am phone interview with a product manager for a facial recognition software/hardware system.
Maybe drive to HMB with the phones? Maybe drive down the coast a ways too.

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