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Because all I'll get on Facebook or twitter is defensive excuses

About a year ago, maybe more, I paid $50 at a gathering of a large number of local community theater friends to be a founding member of a new San Jose musical theater company. There were two main reasons for a new group. One is that the only company which regularly does musicals in San Jose is more on an operetta level, and only performs two weekends per show. The other is that all the other groups have become dominated by cliques.

I was hoping for a chance to be in musicals without having to deal with the cliques. I do sing at operetta level, but prefer less stressful music.

So I am sorely disappointed that the new group is not even attempting to launch an actual musical. The trigger for this post is an event announcement on FB for a concert of Gershwin tunes. Last time it was a concert of Cole Porter tunes. There were no auditions, the performers were chosen from friends of one of the organizers.

And these concerts are one night stands. If anything, they will break even. In order to make enough money to fund a real production, they would need to run for a month of weekends.

Also on the gripe list is they have done nothing with their web site or social networking, and though I have offered to help them with this nobody has reached out.

I would resign, but there's nothing to resign from.

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