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Late --> Early

That was a very late night, and I slept till 10:30, if you ignore a couple of pee breaks. There was a lot of stuff to do online, so instead of going to the nature preserve, I was still at the computer researching composting worms at 1:30. None of the local garden places seem to sell worms, just worm casings (which apparently make good organic fertilizer). I found two places, though, both in SJ. The Worm Dude runs a mail-order business, didn't even have his address on the web site. I filled in the "contact us" form and asked if he allowed in-person pickups, and got a quick reply that he's only open by appointment on weekends, and to call him after 4:30 pm on weekdays. He gave me a list of the few things which could be ordered to pick up, two of them are possibilities.

And then I found a tiny fishing supply store in Little Saigon, way south SJ. They had small batches of night crawlers & redworms for cheap. So that was plan A. I drove down there, had to park a couple of blocks away. It isn't prejudice if it's learned from experience, so I'll say this: If you want to see the worst drivers and most insane way-too-small parking lots, find yourself a neighborhood which is half Vietnamese and half Latino. And then give most of them BMWs and monster pickup trucks.

I bought four sets of worms-in-a-plastic-tub. Two with a dozen big night crawlers and two with 25 each small redworms, packed in composted soil. On my way back to the car, I saw three massage parlors in that strip mall, and they were advertising half the price of my local ones. Next move was drive to the nearest BofA and get some cash, then back to the shopping center, which by now had some places to park. Had a very good massage from a Vietnamese woman who spoke pretty good English. She started off by saying that if I just wanted a massage, she would do that, but if I wanted "something extra" someone else would have to take her place. I stuck with her, and it was not a mistake.

Went straight home, took the worms inside, watched some football, and started thinking of all the places I would have to contact to change my phone number if I went with my original plan. It took three tries to get the right number, but I called AT&T and it only took about 10 minutes for them to port my number over to the new phone. Wiped the HTC phone, took some pix of it, and will eBay it soon. Will probably eBay the Verizon phone as well.

Dinner was steamed ha gow, sui mai and cha sui bow. One scoop of ice cream because I'm cutting back.

After 7 I watered the front garden, then plopped the contents of the worm tubs into four well composted places in the front garden. The theory is that they will burrow and eventually help break up the hard clay. But this was clearly just a start, I'll need the kind of quantity Worm Dude offers to make a good go of this.

A lot of the seeds I broadcast out front are germinating. Looks like bee's friend, but also at least two other flowers. Not seeing poppies yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, Home Depot and/or OSH to put together a composting project. My sister suggests steer manure and shredding my organic scraps, adding both of those to the "compost" from the dump. I'll need a container for the kitchen and another to sub for a compost pile since there is very limited space by the house for that. Probably where the tomatoes were,  but I'll need to level that space somehow.
Coffee with Janice in MV


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