Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Glad I Did That

It wasn't like the HR person to not respond to my Thursday email, so yesterday I hauled out the laptop and sure enough, it looks like it was blocked by the AVG virus software, which doesn't let email got through coffee shop networks - not even Google networks. So I sent it again and first thing this morning got a reply. Not long after, I was confirmed for an in-person interview for tomorrow afternoon.

That left me with today free. Mostly stayed online, teased the cat, watched some football reruns and then headed downtown. Grabbed some Inverness goodies from enemy portals, and then took back two of the three CalTrain portals, and captured a third neutral one.

On to Starbucks, had iced tea and a criossant. The place was almost empty, so I grabbed my favorite seat, and watch some eye candy go by. Mostly women ducking into the place to get drinks for people in the gym nextdoor. Stuck around for a couple of hours, there was a rush of high school girls who sat at my table, studying. Three of them, three different subjects. The one closest to me was holding her pencil in a strange way, at first I thought she was a lefty, but then saw it was her hight hand, she was clutching the pencil in her fist, not using her index finger. I wonder where she learned that.

Before I left, I asked the baristas if they still gave away used grounds for gardening, and one guy smiles and offers me all of what's in the bucket. He hands me a double-bagged clump of about 15 lbs. Outside I was able to get it into my knapsack, but it was so heavy I decided to take it straight to the car, and not Inverness any more.

Home, I dumped it on top of the compost in the bin, and now the bin is full. It smells a lot better than steer manure. And I think that's about all I'm going to do with the compost bin except maybe turn it over in a week or three. Though I may put some more worms in when those arrive toward the end of the week.

But maybe not, because what I ordered are not compost worms, they are clay-aerating worms. Those will go in the front garden, and the rose garden. The bin already has a bunch of compost worms.

Talked to my Baltimore sister, watched some TV, rescheduled tomorrow's PTI to ESPN2 per the announcement at the end of the show.

My back still hurts a little, but not as bad or as often.

Spook was very affectionate this morning, she did a bunch of head butts and let me pet her, and curled up at my feet for a few minutes. But she didn't touch her canned food overnight.

Lunch was macaroni and cheddar & mozzarella. Dinner was Marie C honey roasted chicken.

Plans for tomorrow:
wear business casual clothes
Interview at 1, be there at 12:30 because I have no idea about parking for that building.
Check out the new Whole Foods across the street (I need bananas), and whatever other shops/eateries they have open there. The construction was so massive and poorly signed that it's still a mystery.
Fedex at the mercado, they should be holding an ebay delivery for me.

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