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Mister Eclectic

Okay, that was tedious

Typical morning, except I made sure to shower before 8 because they put two notes on my doors saying they might have to shut off water to the park.  

Spook continues to be unpredictable and a tease. And sometimes disappears and other times yells a lot.

Fedex called, the tablet I bought on eBay was ready top pick up yesterday - they had called but my voicemail was not set up yet. So I drove over to the mercado and got that, and since I was in the area, stopped at Walmart and bought some more Mexican coconut popsicles.

The item is a Samsung 7" tablet, which I stated to set up, which after a while just means letting it download stuff from my Google backup for a couple of hours.
The Big Event was an in-person interview at 1 at Hitachi Insight, which is a small group spun out of Hitachi Data Systems which is being groomed to spin out as its own company eventually. They are in a brand new building which I watched being built, it is across the street from my favorite Sizzler, and when construction started on this complex (there are three buildings, a 4th is under construction) Sizzler went from not having many customers to being packed every day. There's also a McDonald's to take up some of that slack.

Also built during that time, a block away, was a HUGE complex, anchored by a Whole Foods, with a bank, several restaurants including a new Specialty's to replace the one they bulldozed, and some other assorted shops TBA.

I got there way early, so took a spin around the new WF complex,  coming back I misjudged the Hitachi parking lot entrance and ended up parking in front of the next building over, a very short walk. Went to the 4th floor at 5 minutes till 1, and there is a reception desk & seating area but it is not staffed. They put the sign-in station behind a keycarded door. FAIL. Someone came out to sign me in, and my phone screener arrived at the same time.

It's a cubicle warehouse, not quite open plan. Walls are opaque to 3' high and then glass to about 5'. Easy to read names on all the occupied cubes. Maybe 5 cubes to get to the window, and too many to count for the length of the building. And more on the other side of the elevators.

We eventually found an unclaimed conference room, and the screener, an automation programmer, re-interviewed me. Then I talked to the program manager, and then a developer and finally the QA manager. All of them have been in the job force for less than 5 years. All of them asked how come I've had so many jobs. Clueless how silly that question was coming from them. I pointed out that my most recent job lasted longer than each one has been employed, total. And it was a re-hire for a total of 2 more years.

They all drew the same product diagram. It's pretty standard stuff, but they think it's revolutionary. Truth be told, the camera part is pretty lame. They use whatever cameras the customers have in place. A shame, because Hitachi makes killer cameras.

The only one who asked stupid logic questions was the program manager, who is new at this (she came from coding, I think she said). Her solutions were logical, but I pointed out that IRL they were not the best answer - there was no best answer for the problem she presented.

The developer, oddly enough, was the only one who talked about video formats and internals. He was happy to hear that I knew that well. And we talked Linux and Windows and HTML also. If I brushed up on my Java, I could do his job. Better him than me, though.

They were all friendly and energetic and young and eager to change the world. I think that's a good thing.

This would be a much higher paying job  than Amazon, with good benefits, but it's back to the same commute as the previous job, and it would use very little of my video and none of my audio skills. Amazon is no benefits (contract), lower pay, but a very short commute and it would use my skills.

And after I was done (5 pm) there was email from another company asking to arrange a phone screen.

Drove over to Whole Foods because I needed bananas. There was a free electric car charger section, so I stole some juice while I shopped. Turns out their bananas are tiny organic things, so I only bought two, but they had the biggest limes I have seen in a year, and their cheese department has two people to help, an though they don't carry my favorite French sheep cheese, they had a couple of others. I wanted to buy a small round of goat brie, but they couldn't find a price for it. Not in the system.

Got a small tub of marinated olives, and some on sale herring in wine sauce.

I thought about hanging out at Specialty's, but was kind of pooped, so I drove home.

Put stuff away, installed a couple of apps on the new tablet, plugged it into the PC and transferred the webcam file so I didn't have to set them up manually.

Compared it side by side with the NVidia, and it looks like I have everything important. Will wait a couple of days before resetting the NVidia and selling it.

Watched PTI and some of last week's football. Watered the front garden, this time not watering the lilacs, which ought to develop roots better if they have to dig for water. No sign of any worms on the surface, so I guess they are doing their job. Also didn't water the aloe which I planted in one of the empty dirt squares by the carport. I need to figure out what to do with the second aloe. It's fine on the driveway for now. Maybe a clay pot on the porch? TBD

Dinner was Marie C meat loaf & the last of the first container of mint chocolate chip ice cream & a coconut popsicle.

Wanted to watch the news, but they started with Ms. Pantsuit's fundraiser, I had to turn it off or puke.

Some new stamps are coming out from USPS:

And this set includes egg cream stamps:

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether the email rings or I get phone or not.
Plan an overnight trip Thurs-Fri

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