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My Day So Far - Surgical Strike Shopping

Went to Valley Faire and then The French Store. I got only what was on my shopping list, sort of. The shopping list was:
  • New Watchband
  • Clock radio/CD/alarm with several "must haves":
    • No 60Hz hum
    • Memory preset buttons (no scrolling through the presets to find #9)
    • Ability to completely dim the display (and ability to light it up on demand)
    • Digital radio tuning
    • Good to fine speakers
    • Small footprint
  • No-stick wok (12" or 14")
  • Kitty litter (20-lbs bags, scented)
  • A t-shirt with a sci-fi theme for next week's BayCon

What I got:
  • A swatch watch (it was 50% off, with a year's subscription to MSN info which it downloads via FM radio)
  • clock radio/CD/alarm with everything I wanted.
  • A "feline frolic" cat terrorizer (it was on sale for $10, marked down from $25)
  • No-stick wok, 14"
  • 4x 20lbs kitty litter
  • Princess Bride T-shirt and Nirvana T-shirt

The Nirvana T-shirt is for crowblog, who directed me in  You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown way back in 19-ought-73 in Astoria. She is now a librarian based in Aberdeen, WA, birthplace of Kurt Cobain. For the past several years, any time MTV, the BBC, or Uncle Fred's Pretty Good TV Station wanted to do a special on Kurt or Nirvana or grunge, they would call her. I figured she needs the t-shirt.

I'm on call this weekend, and that's always a crapshoot. Sometimes there are no calls, sometimes they come in herds. Often they are false alarms or we're helping show them it's not our problem.

Got home, vacuumed the apartment, unpacked my goodies and set up the watch online so it will get various event items eventually. Put batteries in the Feline Frolic and its remote, and was majorly impressed with how well it worked. The cats were truly terrorized, until I let it sit still in the middle of the patio, waving its cat toy on a stick at them. Tried out the clock radio, it sounds great except I have to turn it bodily in the wrong direction to pick up KLIV clearly. Like almost all radios, the AM ferrite antenna is built in and fixed, while the FM antenna is one of those extensible telescoping ones on a ball and socket.

After I post this, I'll do some more exciting things, like change the litter box, shoot up some insulin and maybe watch a Netflix DVD. Probably will take the laptop to Starbucks tonight and sign up for T-mobile wireless, since the Cingular network speed is agonizingly slow for the same monthly fee.

Got a call from Macromedia's recruiter yeasterday, they have several support openings, which she doesn't think are on-call, and she's sending my resume in to the managers. I've been sending resumes to them for years, so this is a Good Thing. They make the encryption software which is used on commercial DVDs.

 Mom goes in for heart surgery on Tuesday, to get a valve replaced or maybe just a lube & oil change. Think good thoughts her way.

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