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With the sound of aboots in the background

Playback of the Vancouver Lions vs. the Ottawa Redblacks in the background. WTF kind of name is Redblacks? Sounds like a combination of the two most racist sports team names, the Redskins and the All-Blacks. Ottawa's CFL team used to be the Roughriders. Strange but true, Saskatchewan's CFL team had the same name at that time.
8:30 am, calls from Indian recruiters with east coast phone numbers, sent to voicemail. No one left voicemail, but all sent email. All for the same Verizon job which I've been turned down for at least three times now. Verizon does this thing where they farm for prospects by broadcasting a job description to all the contract companies, as if it's a new listing. Which it isn't. It may not even be an actual opening.
Quiet day today, the main event was supposed to be the special delivery of a shipment of earthworms from Alabama, via San Jose's The Worm Dude. I was supposed to wait for it because it had to be signed for. USPS.com said it was out for delivery at 8:45 am.

While waiting, Lee came over to borrow my big cooler chest, which was on a shelf at the back of the shed. She said she didn't need the cold packs I'd put in the freezer for her yesterday because they had a lot of ice. She may need them later in the week, though. Their new fridge is not due till Tuesday.

Lunch was a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches, using hand-grated sharp cheddar and a slice of Swiss, and lots of margarine. Made in the microwave after toasting the bread. Not as soggy as it could have been.

At about 1:45 I heard a thud on the porch, USPS, instead of delivering the worms on their morning express run, put them with the regular mail, and that driver never asks for a signature. Or rings the bell.

Opened the box, the cold pack was warm. The bag contained smelly compost and mostly alive worms. I threw handfuls onto various parts of the front garden, then a couple into the rose garden, one onto the marigolds by the mailbox, a few onto non-planted spots on the carport strip, and one last handful into the compost bin.  But not in that order because as I was throwing them onto the front garden, they were living up to their Alabama Jumpers name, and performing acts of contortion to twist and roll down the gentle slope to the street, where they got trapped in the culvert. It was challenging to pick them up, but eventually they all got tossed to the back of the garden. Counter to the ads, they did not immediately dig into the dirt, most of them locomoted up a storm.

That done, I washed my hands and checked email. There was a message from Hitachi's HR person that I was not chosen to join their team. :-(
A disappointment because at this point any job with a reputable company is sorely needed, but they don't do any video QA or any audio at all, so I don't see where I would be useful to them.

Time to move on.

Drove to Great Clips and got a haircut, then next door to Safeway for a handful of items - bananas, apples, milk & grapes. The malt balls were probably not a wise choice. But I can always find a justification for a small piece of Black Forest cake. Apple prices have doubled this year for no apparent reason.

Home, watched TV, wasted time online, read more of the latest Kindle free book. True Calling by Siobhan Davis is fairly well-written, a compelling and complex plot, but it's a female YA demographic and the teenage young woman protagonist is highly unstable from an objective POV, but Just Another Teen Gal™ from the story POV. Despite that, it makes me want to find out what happens. There have been two or three free books this summer which did not.

Spook got caught in the screen door trying to claw her way to me, so I trimmed her nails. She wasn't as cooperative as she could have been, but did not fight me much. And then she let me give her a thorough brushing, which did a lot to make her coat more beautiful.

Dinner was Marie C honey roasted chicken, popsicle for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am video interview. I hope. The HR person was supposed to send me the link right after she confirmed the time with me, but she hasn't yet. I would not be surprised if it's delayed till next week.
Plan an overnight trip for Mon-Tues.  No idea where.


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