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Okay, that was pretty cool, but...

This morning's adventure was a video call with the QA manager of highfive.com, which was done using their video conferencing app. It was a pleasure talking to someone who spoke the same language (okay, he has a trace of a French accent, but still), and seeing technology work the first time. The only glitch I saw was when he switched from his (Apple) laptop to the company's camera and wide screen TV. That's pretty much to be expected, given the huge difference in formats & network connections.

He's leaning more toward someone who codes, so I probably won't get this, and he will still be interviewing people next week so even if I do get an in-person interview it won't be as soon as I would have liked. They are in Redwood City, which would make it possible to do stuff at Dragon and  the Fox. He mentioned liking my theater background.

Had lunch, reheated some frozen corned beef and cooked onions, with pita.

Wasted time online, then went downtown and hacked a bunch of portals and turned a few green. Linked some too. The on to Starbucks, which was almost full, but I nabbed a seat in the corner with a view of the customer line. Not a lot to look at there, but two of the baristas are total babes. This branch hires a wide variety of people, there's always someone for everyone's taste.

Email from the HR person about the interview, she is going off the grid next week, and hoped to get some follow-up to me by the end of the day, but I didn't expected that to happen, and it didn't. But she gave me email addresses to follow up.

Fired up the Kindle app and read more of True Calling. Section 1 was from the teen girl protagonist's POV, section 2 is from the teen guy's POV. He's on a different planet. It's a literary form I enjoy, probably the best example ever is Pierre Bouelle's§§ The Bridge On The River Kwai which rotates between four plots in different locations which come together in the end. Pierre shifted locations a lot more often than this author, but I think Bridge lends itself better to that than Calling does.

§§ For those of you who are not as old as me, yes, this is the same Pierre Bouelle who wrote The Planet of the Apes. 

More Ingress after. Took back the CalTrain portals.

Home, major rush hour delay getting out of the garage thanks to poor road design and no traffic light synchronization. Managed to escape after 5 minutes using a bus to run interference for my right-hand turn.

One of the side effects of pulling out the hedge and adding mulch and worms from unknown origins is now I have some tiny ants in the garden and on the porch railing and in Spook's canned food dish. The kitchen issue was solved by swiffering, using ammonia-laced swiffer juice. They walked across the porch rail and were attacking the blossoms on one of the lime trees, but pulling the trees away from the railing fixed that. Still want to ant-proof the porch, it looks like 50-50 mix of water and vinegar will work. I may also set some ant traps in the front garden.

Spook's favorite RC car had died, it won't take a charge any more, so I ordered an RC tarantula for her. She really had no idea what do to with the car except get out of its way and try to eat its spoiler when it stopped.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing specific. Maybe look into a trip to a national park. This week entry is free to all of them to celebrate their centennial,  but I have a senior pass which gets me in free whenever. I want to go somewhere I haven't been, but I don't want to drive too far. There are a lot of them around here.
Maybe hop on a train, take a day trip.

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