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Wanted to add this to tonight's entry, but LJ online edit seems to be out to lunch:

Totally forgot. I had not known the 49ers were playing tonight, until this thing happened. I was so bored watching inane news shows and the Weather Channel's never-ending obsession with tornado chasers that I finally did what I had planned to do months ago. I had an ugly black pressboard TV stand/equipment rack since forever. I bought a new TV, and its stand was too wide to fit safely, so I bought a shorter/wider glass one which was on clearance at Fry's. I moved the ugly rack "temporarily" to the side of the coffee table. The slightly smaller TV in the bedroom was donated to charity, and the one which had been in the livingroom was moved to the bedroom, where it just barely fit on the stand I'd assembled there from several individual pieces of furniture. They happened to match the coffee table.

The ugly black stand was very useful, one of my surround sound speakers sat on it, and it was a great place to open packages and leave incoming mail and such.

But today the light dawned that it was a better size for the bedroom TV, and on casters, so I finally disassembled the bedroom setup (TV, Tivo, BluRay player, HDMI switch box, Tivo network adapter, power strip), moved the pretty blonde wood multi-piece stand aside, wheeled in the black cabinet, set everything up, plugged it all in, and tested it.

After the Tivo powered up, it tuned into the 49ers game, about 3 minutes in.

So I rushed to the livingroom, and set the Tivo there to record the game so I could FF past the commercials and the instant replays later.

It took almost an hour to recover from that work, actually dozed off a bit. Turned on the Tivo replay, and watched till halftime. Then I hauled the stand pieces from the bedroom and parked them next to the coffee table, and they look like they belong there. Much more attractive.

It was well after dark, I went outside and watered the gardens, and unplugged the car.

Watched the game on FF until it reached real time, so it is now paused at about 5 minutes on the clock. I'll watch the end when I'm done with this.

49ers defense is like Swiss cheese. Kaepernick sucked. I'm blaming his tattoos. He has so much ink in him that he weighs 50% more, and it slows him down, drags on his throwing arm, and sucks out energy. Gabbert was pretty good, comparatively. The Packers have a great defense, and Rodgers was brilliant. Calahan looks like a high school kid, but he has the right stuff, maybe too much of it because most of his best passes were thrown just out of the receiver's reach.

Enough. Time for an egg cream and more football. Then some sleep. 

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